The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP)

SP-NCR Sub-Group Executive Meeting

Friday, January 18, 2019; 18:00-20:00 Hrs

1.Roll Call

Aruna Dixit, Joanne Papineau, Stefan Palko, Sushil Dixit, Tariq Francis, Mike Farbod, Shamil Cathum

2.Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was approved with one addition – debrief of SP NCR AGM

3.Debrief of SP NCR AGM

Sushil gave a debrief of the SP NCR AGM

4.Appointment of Secretary

Tariq Francis was appointed as interim secretary until elections can be held at the 2019 SP NCR AGM

5.Financial Report

Shamil confirmed that there is budget for the upcoming activity (L&L). He will submit the treasurer report as soon as possible; the 2018 AGM’s minutes will follow.

6.Update on bargaining and EWSP

Sushil gave an update on both bargaining and the EWSP

Bargaining – PIPSC is at the table with TB this week. Economic increases have been prioritized as in past times other matters were put forward first which depleted resources for the economic increase.

EWSP – Waheed reported to Sushil that bargaining on the EWSP is wrapping up. It is expected to take years to complete and implement as the government has learned from the phoenix fiasco.

7.2019 SP AGM

The 2019 SP AGM will be held in Montreal. It is expected the meeting will have about 50 people.

8.Proposed Activities for 2019

Executives brainstormed potential activities for the 2019 year. It was put forward that any activities be designed to ensure that participants can have a dialogue with executives – in other words activities whereby participants can hear information from the executive, can discuss issues and ask questions. Two potential activities suggested were bowling and a picnic.

9.Other business

It was suggested that a bylaw be put forward at the next PIPSC AGM which would require an future bylaw with a budget implication greater than or equal to 1% of the total PIPSC budget be required to pass by a 2/3 majority.

Member recruitment was also discussed. Priority is to be given to under represented areas of the NCR – DFO, HC @ Laurier, DND, Transport Canada, CBSA, Indigenous and Crown Services & Indigenous relations (formerly INAC)