Hudson’s Pub
8882 170 St NW
Edmonton, AB

Call to order 6:18 pm

In Attendance:

Blaine Lowry (President)
Alysa Pederson (Vice President)
David Aihoshi (Treasurer)
Paul Gregoire (Member at Large)
Stephen Vallee (Member at Large)
Eldon Albrecht (Member at Large)
Mihai Voicu (Member at Large)
Bo Lu (Member at Large)
Brennan Allen
Camilly Wong
Francis Adamo
Mark Bennett
Brad Creelman
Tiffany Cheeks
Brett Potter
Mariette Kulin
Matt Albers
Julie TingleyNathan Maslanko
Claudine Larocque
Erik De Groot
Melissa Pinto
David Whittle
Jack Dunnigan
Nils Koropatnisky
Lindsay Sutton
Heather Pimiskern
Ryan Pimiskern
Jordan Nicholls
Myles McIntosh
Jeff Murphy
Kayla Bilous
Keane Kokolsky
Danielle Feghali
Bob Kochtubajda
Brent Linington
Nathan Maslanko

Justin Patten (Secretary)
Yves Gendron (Member at Large)

Approval of Agenda:

Blaine Lowry called the meeting to order at 6:18pm.

Blaine Lowry read the agenda.Mariette Kulin motioned to accept the agenda. Myles McIntosh seconded this, all approved and the motion carried.

Approval of Previous Minutes:

Previous minutes were read by all members. Blaine Lowry moved to accept these minutes. Mariette Kulin seconded this motion, all were in favour and the motion was carried.

No business arose from previous minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:

David Aihoshi gave the financial report. Mariette Kulin audited the finances.

At the start of 2018, the opening balance in the account was $X.

Expenses in 2018 included the 2017 AGM, three Executive meetings and two Lunch and Learn events (April and September).

With deposits, interest and annulation allocation, and prepaying for the 2018 AGM, the balance in the account was $X by the end of December 2018.

Blaine Lowry moved to accept the budget and Mariette Kulin seconded this. All were in favour.

President’s Address:

Blaine Lowry, President, welcomes all members to the Edmonton SP Sub-Group Annual General Meeting.

Year recap

  • Lunch and Learns:
    • Held at 2 locations in April on Nix Phoenix (one at NoFC and one at Eastgate). This presentation was also given at the Prairie Regional Council in May
    • September on the Employee Wellness Plan negotiations (organized by the branch and hosted by us) given by Eva Henshaw from the negotiating team at Eastgate
  • Lunch and learns continue to be well attended. As we continue to bargain in 2019, we will attempt to schedule additional events at NoFC and Eastgate
  • & Blaine attended the regional subgroup presidents meeting in Vancouver in August. Much of the talk here surrounded questions arising from the recently signed collective agreement and Phoenix issues
  • This fall we lost a key member of our executive. MAL Leslie Yasul departed her position with EPOD for PSPC downtown. The exec would like to replace her representation of EPOD on the exec. An election will be run at the end of this AGM
  • Youth members continue to be well represented and engaged in our subgroup. Blaine Lowry will be attending the Youth Forum in Gatineau in February
  • Plans for winter and spring:
    • Planning a Lunch and Learn on PIPSC 101, likely in March (as per discussions at last youth committee meeting). (meeting scheduled on April 4, 2019 – addendum March 20, 2019)
    • See outcome of youth forum to determine best ways to enlarge/continue youth engagement in the region and subgroup
    • Continue to keep members informed as the bargaining process unfolds through Lunch and Learns or Coffee Talk’s

A word on elections

  • The remainder of this evening will centre on the electing of a new MAL position for the Edmonton SP Subgroup. Myles McIntosh as the elections committee will facilitate the elections

Elections of new Member at Large to replace Leslie Yasul:

Myles McIntosh opened the floor for nominations.

Melissa Pinto was nominated by Gayle Hatchard and seconded by Chen Yang
Melissa accepted the nomination.

There were no further nominations.

Melissa was acclaimed as a Member at Large of the SP-Edmonton subgroup.

With no further agenda items or comments, Blaine Lowry motions to adjourn the meeting. Mariette Kulin seconds and all approve. Meeting ends at 6:40 pm.

Alysa Pederson – Vice President on behalf of Justin Patten – Secretary