Downtown Edmonton SP Subgroup Meeting Minutes

13 February 2023, 6:13 PM


Attendees: Graham Irvine, Lynette Esak, Jennifer Voaklander, Blair MacKenzie, Arlene Agno

Expenses from November have been paid.

  • We spent $XXXXX
  • We currently have $XXXXX


The lunch and learn event discussed at the October meeting was held on November 30th.

  • There were 11 attendees
  • Perhaps use a downstairs boardroom the next time, as there were questions about whether everyone knew where to go or could access the 9th floor


We briefly discussed bargaining but there wasn’t much to update since the previous meeting.


Extra funding is available if we hold a bargaining event, so discussion was to use funds to hold a different kind of event.

  • Social event
    • Discussed possible ideas for a social event outside of work (e.g. potluck, family event, activities, bowling, park)
    • April 22nd chosen as a date to plan for, as it’s a Saturday and the weather should start getting nicer by then.  Plan for midday (11 AM – 1 PM?)
      • Locations suggested for bowling and/or other activities were the Rec Room and Ed’s Bowling
  • Lunch and Learn
    • Potential topics could be pensions, health plan changes
    • Decision is to have social event first, so planning for this can be delayed until later


Timing for the next AGM was discussed briefly.

  • Currently aiming for early September
  • An election for new executive members will be needed, as all terms are currently one year
    • Long-term goal idea to stagger elections for positions by using 1 and 2 year terms, to allow for carryover of knowledge and experience between elections


Meeting closed @ 6:47 PM