50 Victoria Street SP sub-group

Minutes for executive meeting

September 14th, 2022 – 12 to 1 pm


Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Mary Murphy, Celine Fletcher, Maria Salazar, Mazen Hijazi,

Akid Azfar, Hassan Bayaa, Reginald Linco

Opening of meeting – Approval of Agenda


1 - Approve agenda

2 - Approve minutes


4 - SP AGM

5 - 50 Victoria Street AGM


Term length

Virtual/in person

Guest speaker? (me as Bargaining team rep??)

6 - Bargaining update

7 - Return to Office

8 - Tour de table

9 - Next meeting

10 - End meeting


1.     Approval of Agenda


·       Agenda approved by all.

2.     Approval of July 27th, 2022 executive meeting minutes

·       Minutes of the previous meeting approved by all.


3.     PIPSC AGM on 18-19th Nov 2022 (Montreal, QC)


·        Delegate: Akid Azfar; Observer: Hassan Bayaa.

·        Virtual meeting invite being sent out @ Nov. 10, re. Marcel will present various motions that are to be presented at PIPSC AGM and what the current PIPSC Executives stances are on the various motions.



4.     SP AGM on April 1st, 2023 (Toronto, ON)


·       Location and accommodations are in process of being finalized.

·       Call for delegates should be sent December 30th, 2022. Deadline to submit application as a delegate Feb. 3rd, 2023.

·       Invite to submit motions will sent out in December, 2022. Deadline to submit motions Jan. 6th, 2023.

·       Invite for delegates will be sent Feb. 10th, 2023.


5.     50 Victoria Street AGM


·       Tentatively December 7th, 2022, most likely hybrid (TBD).

Action: Marcel to check if Room 24D is available, state of the room (how many members it can accommodate) for December 7th and if tech support is also available (if a hybrid meeting is decided based on status of 24D).

·       Discussed options for holding AGM other than at 50 Victoria Street.

·       All sub-group exec. members are up for election. To ensure continuity with level of experience of the sub-group executive members, discussed having ½ of the named portfolio execs serve for a term of 2 yrs. (President and Treasurer) while the other half of the named portfolio execs (Vice-President and Secretary) would serve for a term of 1 yr. Members at large would also be split for 1 and 2 yr. terms of service. No objections raised by sub-group executive members.

Action: Maria to find last call (poster) for 50 Victoria Street AGM and send to Marcel.

·       Guest Speaker: someone from bargaining team to present status on bargaining.


6.     Bargaining update


·       First meeting with the employer on 30-31 August 2022. Bargaining update in process of being translated and then will be posted on PIPSC website.

·       Bargaining meetings with employer occurring once @every 6-8 weeks (some dates might change due to meetings with Alliance PICs). Non-monetary items (telework, flexible work hours, etc..) usually discussed prior to pay proposal.


7.     Return to Office


·       In process of establishing a schedule of returning to the office.


8.     Round Table


·       Replace physical bulletin boards.

Action: Marcel: to find out what options are available

Action: Akid to contact Guillaume White-Rolland on access to the CIPO PIPSC 50 Victoria Street Wiki page.


9.     Next Meeting


·        12th October 2022.