50 Victoria Subgroup Minutes Feb 16 2022

Present: Marcel, Celine, Jay, Maria, Hassan, Mary

Minutes from 13 Jan 22 meeting were approved.

·        Marcel: update on drop-in Jan 22nd- nobody attended aside from subgroup members

o   Possibly short notice, COVID school closures are to blame, also heard from some members that email was not received from PIPSC

o   Action: Marcel to follow up with Annie at PIPSC to see if email list was updated

o   Plan to do another session in spring -April 13- when new trainees have joined.

o   Action: Maria to update poster, take out EWP, leave bargaining survey and info targeting new employees.

·        Discussion on ways to spend money: tabled until more members of exec are present at a future meeting.

·        Outside event: not pursuing canal skate at this time due to protest situation, may revisit next year.

o   Ideas: outdoor summer movie night, rent an outdoor pool

o   Will depend on restrictions at that time

o   Action: Jay to reach out to Gatineau Branch to see if they have any movie events planned for later this year

o   Scarves are on sale at PIPSC store: Marcel raises motion for Hassan to buy and be reimbursed for 40 PIPSC scarves, seconded by Jay, approved

o   We can reimburse electronically via emailing PIPSC, Marcel has the details on how

o   Action: Marcel to contact PIPSC re: drive-through hot chocolate event logistics

o   Action: Marcel to confirm restrictions on organizing get-togethers with PIPSC

·        Round table:

o   Hassan: is there an SP president’s meeting update? Marcel: phone call March 8, discussed April 30 Montreal for hybrid in-person/virtual event; restrictions will be the same as recent meetings, no observers aside from subgroup hosts. Marcel is going as a member of Exec, so one of us can attend- Hassan has volunteered, to be confirmed closer to the date.

o   Marcel: PIPSC AGM in November 18-19 to be in Montreal, call for delegates will come later, should apply if they’d like to be an observer also.  SP bargaining conference likely June 4, in person in Ottawa, will be a call for delegates (1 per subgroup) but no observers.  Action: Marcel to confirm with PIPSC what are policies on travel costs for attendees who work remotely (ie examiners who are 50 Vic employees but live in Toronto)

·        Next meeting: tentatively March 23rd.