Executive Meeting - March 11, 2019

Presence / Absence:

Daniel Ingram (PRA/NWT – PRA/TNO)


Ann Theriault (NCR – RCN)


Elizabeth Ptasznik (PRA/NWT – PRA/TNO)


Steven J. Colwell (BC/YUK – CB/YUK)


Enzo Barresi (ONT)


Sushil S. Dixit (NCR – RCN)


Judith Leblanc (QUE)


Thomas Landry (ATL)


Marcel C. Beaudoin (NCR – RCN)


Suzelle Brosseau (PIPSC – IPFPC)


Michael A. Forbes (ONT)


Donald Lefebvre (NCR – RCN)


Bryan Van Wilgenburg (PRA/NWT – PRA/TNO)


David Griffin (PIPSC – IPFPC)




Elizabeth opened the meeting

Agenda approved (Ann, Judith)

Minutes from Jan 12 Approved (Michael, Donald)


Canned presentations

There are now a number of presentations available of the SP Group Executive Google Drive, with more being added as they are finished.

Bargaining Mobilization

Date set up for March 21st for conference call


Financial Report

The financial report for January, February and March were presented.

Discussion was held over cost of shipping books to SP (sent in 2018) stewards, as well expected cost of shipping subgroup banners to subgroups. Becomes a very case-by-case scenario.

Bargaining Report

Bryan gave a summary of the status of Bargaining. The need for both the Bargaining Team and the Group Executive to continually educate all members they are in contact with over not only the content of the proposal, but the process was emphasized..

Strategic Bargaining Committee

Bryan and Elizabeth summarized the recent Strategic Bargaining Committee meeting.


Bryan summarized the state of EWSP bargaining. Noted it is in the final stages, but PIPSC wants to make sure there is no overlap between ratification votes for EWSP  Central/Group tables.


Enzo deferred the discussion over the Zonal meetings for subgroup presidents to the dedicated discussion later on. Also noted there will be a Subgroup President’s Conference Call next week.


Sushil summarized the most recent membership data and noted more detail will be presented at the SP Group AGM. Noted almost 10% of our members are RANDS, with about 600 RANDs out of 8573 total members. oted increase in both membership and RANDs is due to the adding of the RCMP members.


Marcel explained the state of the migration to Google drive and noted that due to ongoing problems with @pipsc.ca email addresses, the transition had not yet been completed.

ACTION - MARCEL - Reach out to Suzelle to see about getting someone from PIPSC to explain Google Shared Drive to the new Exec.

ACTION - MARCEL (or new Secretary) put 30 minutes on agenda for Google discussion for new Exec


Sushil summarized the status of stewards and noted not much had changed.


Judith summarized status of SP group communications. Noted a lot of the communications space has been taken up by the need to keep members up to date on Bargaining. Pointed out a lot of resources are available on the shared drive.

Executive Travel

Elizabeth summarized the policies and directives on Executive Committee Member Travel, pointing out the fillable form created by Bryan and Donald which answers most of the questions required by PIPSC in order to create a TAN and approve the travel.

Judith noted that for a recent presentation to the Canadian Space Agency, a Lunch and Learn will get about 50-80n members, while an evening AGM will get less than 30 (typically, numbers provided by subgroup president) due to family responsibilities after working hours.

Executive members summarized the meetings they held across Canada.

Bylaws Committee

Ann summarized the status of bylaws. Noted there were no bylaws or motions submitted for the AGM.

Advisory Council Meeting

Bryan and Elizabeth summarized the AC meetings that were held on Feb 2nd, Feb 3rd and Feb 16th.


To be discussed in the afternoon.

Visibility items

To be discussed in the afternoon


Donald summarized the report that would be given on the Elections at the SP AGM.

7 candidates in NCR

2 in Atlantic

BC/Yukon Acclaimed

Prairies/NWT Acclaimed

Ontario and Quebec had no nominations.

10 nomination forms, 1 of which had no bio.

Discussion was held on how to deal with appointments to the vacant positions.

Motion (Thomas, Ann) - Nominate Enzo Barresi to the Ontario Regional Representative position on the SP Executive Committee starting at the end of his current term.

Motion Carried

ACTION - ALL - Discuss Bryan and National Pool election for Bryan’s replacement.

David Griffin joined at 1315

Visibility Items

Donald presented the visibility items in stock as well as what will be provided to the delegates to the SP AGM.

Interest was expressed for lanyards (for holding ID cards) and some flags.

Liaisons to Subgroups

Ann summarized the idea to have each Executive member be a liaison to the a number of subgroups. If each Exec is linked to a couple subgroups, all of them will be represented. Will take a lot of the pressure off of the regional representatives to be responsible for all the subgroups on that region.

30 subgroups, split up in about 18 regions.

Goal is to alleviate some of the travelling for those who travel a lot.

Zonal Meetings

Enzo summarized the suggested locations for Zonal Subgroup Presidents Meetings:

West - Winnipeg

Central - Niagara Falls

East - St John (and tag a Executive Meeting to this one as well)

Bryan - Best time for St Johns is early fall.

September 13th, 14th for Eastern (With an Executive Meeting)

Western - June 1st in Winnipeg

Central - October 5th in Niagara Falls

Motion - (Enzo, Marcel) The SP Group will send, in addition to the regional reps and president (which are covered by PIPSC), the Bargaining Chair and Subgroup Coordinator to the Zonal Subgroup Presidents Meetings; and will cover the associated costs (meals and parking, not travel or lodging) for local executives and stewards that wish to attend.

Motion Carried

Consensus decision: People elected to the Executive during the National Pool year are not entitled to go to the Zonal Meetings.

Thomas noted the importance to have a business plan and have it approved by Finance (Didier) as it will not be considered unless it has prior approval from Didier.


Current status of the SP AGM was discussed, including hospitality (Donald) and agenda (Marcel).

Motion (Marcel, Ann) - SP Group cover the cost for Donald to stay at the hotel on saturday night as he is the person organizing the hospitality suite.

Motion carried

Elizabeth noted she invited Debi for a 10-15 presentation to the SP AGM but she cannot attend. Should consider inviting her for the June Exec meeting. Also invited Rob MacDonald, Waheed and Norma for the SP AGM. Norma and Waheed are coming, Rob will be invited as well. They will get 5 minutes each to talk.

As communications coordinator, Judith has reached out to Charles Tisseyre and is waiting to get confirmation but will also reach out to the other people on the list. Seeing a lot of scientists speaking out in Quebec who are speaking out against popular myths. Possibly reach out to them.

Sushil will get the recognition certificates from Judith and will have them framed.

Delegate Selection

The method for determining who attends AGMs as delegates should be in control of the Executive, not the subgroup presidents as this will enable the Exec can ensure proper representation and to encourage and increase diversity.

Proposed method:
1)    Everyone’s name is included on the proposed attendee list

2)    Priority is given to an individual who have something to contribute to the meeting (presenting to the SP executive, receiving an award, etc)

3)    Sub group President who has never attended an AGM

4)    Steward who has never attended an AGM

5)    Priority under-represented member who has never attended an AGM as determined by the SP Executive (young member, female, indigenous, visible minority, etc)

6)    Sub group President, Steward who has not recently attended an AGM

7)    Priority under-represented member who has not recently attended an AGM as determined by the SP Executive (young member, female, indigenous, visible minority, etc)

8)    Other priority as determined by the SP Executive


The Workplan will be presented to the SP AGM as version 3.2.

Role of Regional Reps with respect to mobilization

PIPSC has a bunch of weeks of action coming up, The Exec should see about lighting a fire under subgroups to see about getting them to put on an activity.

Week of April 8 - Do Better: Family Leave Team

Last week of May - Anti-harassment week.

Week of June 10th

ACTION - ELIZABETH - Reach out to PIPSC to find out names of people who attended Youth Committee and get them to help organize and plan things for the local subgroup.

Financial Report

Donald presented 2019 Budget that will be presented at the SP AGM.

Questions were presented to Donald on the presentation of the budget and the numbers.

ACTION - DAVID/SUZELLE - Find out about Executive Training and Financial Training from PIPSC.

Discussion was held around delinquent checks and lost amounts due to late submission of claims.


Ann - Discussed the message on “Lifer Syndrome” that was posted on the PIPSC SP webpage. Happy to see it being discussed in the workplace. Happy to discuss it at various worksites.