We’re starting to prepare for the next round of bargaining by putting together the SP Group Bargaining Team. Three positions are available. Apply to join the team by submitting an application below by 12:00 PM ET on August 13, 2021.

Please disconnect from the government's VPN and use a personal device in order to ensure the form loads.

As per by-laws, the SP Group Executive will appoint the bargaining team members based on the recommendations of the negotiators and the SP bargaining coordinator. The Bargaining Team’s mandate will last for the duration of the bargaining round.

To be as representative and equitable as possible, the SP Executive will consider the following criteria in its selection process:

  • Availability 
  • Diversity of the team, including representation of equity-seeking groups, language, classification, department and regional diversification
  • Communication skills
  • Relevant leadership experience, including in labour relations
  • Capacity to work within a team
  • Experience as a steward or in the interpretation/application of the collective agreement will be an asset