PIPSC SH-Sub Group 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Location: Station Pub, 3122 Station Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2S8

Date: Monday, March 11, 2019

Members present (23)

Meeting called to order at 1930 hours

Approval/Changes to the Agenda.

There were no additions to the Agenda. A motion to accept the Agenda was moved by Jennifer Russell. It was seconded by Ian Shaw. The motion passed unanimously.

Adoption 2017 Minutes

Motion to accept minutes moved by France Lee. Ross McIntosh seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.

Welcome and Opening Remarks from the President

Michael Bouwers welcomed the membership for coming to the meeting. 

Treasures Report

Treasurer Report given by Jennifer Russell.  Report provided to the membership with opening and closing balances and explanation of the funds spent over the year.  This past year saw no funding as the AGM held late in the year.  Jennifer has been in contact with V. Barlas, National Treasurer to secure funding for the coming year.  Members were encouraged to approach the Sub Group with request for funds for member activities (i.e. Lunch and Learn, mobilization, member activities).  Jennifer also encouraged members to contact PIPSC as these is also money for membership engagement activities. The treasures report accepted as presented, and a motion to accept moved by Ian Shaw and seconded by Michael Bouwers. The motion passed unanimously.

CURRENT EXECUTIVE (*denotes positions for election)

2018 Executive

President:  Michael Bouwers

Vice President:  Vacant*

Secretary: Dean Balbira

Treasurer: Jennifer Russell*

Members at Large:

Bev Jameson              

Stacy Sasyniuk*

Tom Shaw

Kayla Wilde*

Ian Shaw*

Tyler Grado*

Election of Officers

There were no names put forward by email for executive positions.  Names were taken from the floor.

Vice President: Tom Shaw nominated for Vice President.  He was the only member nominated and accepted a two-year term. 

Treasurer: Jennifer Russell remained Treasurer as no other nominations.

Members at Large nominations: Ian Shaw, Josh Jessel, Josh Clarke, Tyler Grado, Jane Beighton,

All nominated members were welcomed to the executive and all positions filled.

Due to no paper ballots needed, no motion to destroy the ballots needed.

2018 Executive

President:  Michael Bouwers (1-year left on term)

Vice President:  Tom Shaw (2-year term)

Secretary: Dean Balbira (1-year left term)

Treasurer: Jennifer Russell (2-year term)

Members at Large:

Bev Jameson (1-year left on term)

Ian Shaw (2-year term)

Tyler Grado (2-year term)

Josh Jessel (2-year term)

Josh Clarke (2-year term)

Jane Beighton (2-year term)

Bargaining Up-Date: Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw, CSC SH Representative for the Pacific Region gave an up date on bargaining.  Many SH members were disappointed during the last contract.  Ian has been in Ottawa to fight for the contractual rights of the membership.  He is currently at the table this month, and engaged in conversation with the membership, answering what questions he could.  He also encourages the membership to approach/contact him with ideas and feedback for bargaining.

Consultation: Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson, President Local, Regional, and National Consultation gave run down of what LMC/RMC/NMC is to the membership.  He explained the process of each level of consultation.  He also explained how the consultation process in crucial to members.  He gave an update on the main topics that are currently at the table in consultation, such as needle exchange program.  Nominations recently held for PIPSC and Phil Johnson is the Pacific Regional Representative for 2019/2020.    

Other Business / Round Table

The floor was open for discussion from the membership.  No other business was raised. 

Motion to adjourn meeting moved by Jennifer Russell. Seconded by Glenn Smith.

Meeting ended at 2030 hours

Submitted by Jennifer Russell (Treasurer) for Dean Balbira (absent from meeting)  

Secretary PIPSC Sub Group, CSC Subgroup (Pacific)