October 22, 2017 @ 1445

Regional Treatment Center Board Room on Unit C

Present: Mike Bouwers, Ian Shaw, Tyler Grado, Krsna Khoyratty and Ross McIntosh

Krsna Khoyratty called the executive meeting to order. Approval/ additions to the Agenda

Old Business
Approval of Minutes of January 31, 2017/ Errors or omissions

New Business

  1. Member’s terms (who is up for election)
  2. Ian Shaw has been chosen to represent our Region in Bargaining as part of the Consultation team. He would be willing to do a presentation at the AGM
  3. Date and Location of the AGM. The Phoenix Lounge was suggested.
  4. Do we plan to have our meeting the same night as the Branch Meeting? Krsna will approach Phil Johnston to discuss this. It was suggested that the Sub Group could have their meeting one hour earlier
  5. If we want to have Special Guests at the AGM. The new ERO was put forward as a suggestion.
  6. Gift Cards, Door Prizes, ect for the members who attend the AGM
  7. Member’s terms (who is up for election)

Other Business

Adjournment 1700