Montreal/Rive-Nord SH CSC Sub-Group


  • Opening remarks
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Role of delegates (task distribution)
  • Purchase of visibility material
  • Sub-Group Finances and Budget
  • Other Business
  • Adjournment

Montreal/Rive-Nord SH CSC-Sub-Group Executive Roles and Responsibilities  

By-Laws and Regulations

  • Responsible for the Sub-Group’s By-Laws and Regulations
  • Review By-laws and Regulations to ensure compliance by the Executive Committee
  • Consult with PIPSC By-Laws and Regulations Committee Chair


  • Liaise with SH Group Consultation Team
  • Ensure that members are well represented and see if there are any issues
  • Maintain a database of consultation representations
  • Prepare and update membership issues to be escalated to the national SH Group


  • Responsible for ensuring communication is in both official languages
  • Communicate with the President regarding issues or new information to be shared with members
  • Liaise with the Secretary to summarize minutes of meetings.
  • Update/post information on Sub-Group’s Facebook page
  • Encourage the use of PIPSC promotional items

Act as Coordinator for members, Rand and Complaints

  • Encourage all PIPSC members to become full-fledge members of their union
  • Monitor/update the number of RAND members and report to PIPSC
  • Support/guide members with workplace issues
  • Follow-up on complaints and grievances with the help of EROs.


  • Act as Election Chairperson as required
  • Ensure proper conduct of elections
  • Keep updated records of Executive members and future election dates
  • Notify the President and/or the VP of upcoming elections during the year
  • Send out an email to the members and encourage them to run for office


  • Recruit additional Stewards in the Montreal/Rive-Nord area
  • Ensure existence of bulletin boards at all sites
  • Keep an updated list of Stewards in our area and, if possible, in the Quebec Region