Montreal/Rive-Nord SH-CSC Sub-Group Meeting


Staff College, Laval


In attendance

Éric Massey, President

Donald Moisan, Vice President

Isabelle Mercier, Secretary

Louis Poulin, Director

Karine O’Connor, Director

By teleconference

Martin Poisson

Sophie Tanguay Veilleux


Maryse Danger

Richard Doyle


Opening remarks

Eric welcomed the members. 

He explained what expenses can be claimed from CLAIMS in connection with our meeting.

Approval of the agenda

Addition to Other Business:

Needle Exchange Program

Week of Action: Do Better

Bargaining Update

Promotional Material

Delegates’ roles (distribution of tasks) (see attached document)

Goals: visibility, recruitment, participation in events.

By-Laws and Regulations: Donald Moisan

Consultation: Isabelle and Éric

Communication: Isabelle and Éric

Membership coordination, Rands and Complaints/Grievances: Karine and Louis (Martin provides support for Joliette)

The Executive during elections: Donald and Martin Poisson

Recruitment: Isabelle and Éric

Purchase of visibility items for the Sub-Group Executive

Discussion related to the visibility items that can be purchased for members of the Executive. Travel mugs, portfolios, and other items were suggested. 

The Executive will look at the material available in the PIPSC store and will request items through Eric.

Karine will look for promotional material to create a sense of belonging among members.

Needle Exchange Program

Martin informed us that the program will begin in Joliette. This makes members react. There are questions about confidentiality, disclosure and the safety of the premises in relation to substance abuse. The Joliette PS04 would be in contact with the OPQ regarding the confidentiality elements. Martin was encouraged to talk to Richard Doyle, who is more familiar with this particular issue.

Week of Action: Do Better

Sophie proposed to organize an event at Macaza. She will ask the Do Better campaign for funding.

Bargaining Update

Eric and Donald provided a summary of the progress made in bargaining.

The political landscape is constantly changing.

The next meeting is scheduled in April. The last blitz will take place in May, and we will decide whether or not to go to arbitration at that time. For the time being, the climate is described in positive terms.

The blue bracelet will be worn starting April 23rd, at the beginning of the next week of bargaining, in support of the bargaining team.

Promotional material

This point has already been addressed above under the purchase of visibility items for the Sub-Group executive and members.

Adjournment of the meeting

The meeting is adjourned at 8:29 pm.

Upcoming meetings of the Sub-Group

May 22, 2019

June 19, 2019

September 24, 2019

The meetings will be held at 6:30 pm in the Staff College. Eric is in charge of booking the room.

The AGM will be held on November 11 at 9 am at the Staff College.

A meeting schedule will be drafted after the next AGM, depending on the availability of the Executive.

Certified Copy by:


Éric Massey, President