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Montréal/Rive-Nord SH CSC Sub-Group Meeting

2019-05-22 at 6:30 p.m.
Staff College, Laval


In attendance

Éric Massey, President
Donald Moisan, Vice-President
Isabelle Mercier, Secretary
Louis Poulin, Member-at-Large
Karine O’Connor, Member-at-Large
Richard Doyle, Member-at-Large
Sophie Lavallée-Prairie, Guest, Dietitian

By teleconference

Sophie Tanguay Veilleux


Maryse Danger, Treasurer

Martin Poisson, Member-at-Large

1. Opening remarks

Eric welcomed the members.

He explained which expenses can be submitted to CLAIMS for our meeting.

2. Review and approval of the agenda

Approved with the following additions:

Regional Consultation / Chair

CSC/NU positions

New Business was left open.

Moved by Isabelle Mercier. Seconded by Louis Poulin. Carried unanimously.

3. Reading and approval of the minutes of the 2019-04-03 meeting

Moved by Karine O'Connor, seconded by Donald Moisan. Carried unanimously as read.

4. Business arising from the minutes

No business other than that on the agenda.

5. Activities since the last meeting (follow-up on the various mandates)

By-Laws and Regulations: Donald Moisan. Donald mentioned that he had started looking at the documents. Richard explained the process for amending documents (work from the template available in French, must be approved by PIPSC, etc.).

Consultation file: Isabelle and Éric

Isabelle said she is busy with representation cases at the moment.

Richard explained the organizational chart for PIPSC and the point was raised that it was very complex and important that members are informed about it.

The time frames for the grievance process are going to be looked at. Richard will ask Valérie Charrette for updated information and it can be discussed at the Regional Consultation.

Communication file: Isabelle and Éric

The Sub-Group discussed the importance of communication. For example, it is important to determine the mechanisms for sending information. We need two-way communication with members, as well as among ourselves and between the regional and national consultation teams. Richard demonstrated some of the tabs on the PIPSC website, where members can get information. It would be appropriate to make members aware of this. Richard told us that the HUB [sic] is going to be posting the minutes of the bilateral meetings. This item will also be discussed at the Stewards meeting on Monday.

Membership coordination, Rand and Complaints/Grievances: Karine and Louis (Martin provides support for Joliette). Éric will send the list. He received the information.

Recruitment file: Isabelle and Éric

We talked about the importance of PIPSC's visibility and credibility.

Donald shared some posters at certain sites, including the Federal Training Centre (FTC), the Laval Office and Martineau.

Eric is expected to tour the institutions that have a non-CSC Steward. It would be appropriate for someone involved in the consultation process to participate in this process in order to solicit member participation.

Sophie did an activity at Macaza on April 13 as part of the Do Better campaign. She informed the Sub-Group that she is stepping down. She submitted names of members who are interested in continuing their involvement but who are not Stewards.

Purchase of visibility items for the Sub-Group Executive

Richard talked about a company called Promotion Universelle from Boucherville. PIPSC and the Sub-Group could arrange with the company to have different types of promotional materials made available: for certain personalities, the Executive or for members.

It was suggested that we look at the possibility of getting items displaying our profession made.

Richard gave the example of the placemats they ordered for the Joliette members.

We will look into buying sweaters or shirts. This point could be discussed again at the next Branch meeting. Moved by Richard. Seconded by Isabelle. Carried unanimously.

6. Budget follow-up

Éric Massey presented the financial statements as prepared by Maryse Danger (see attached).

There is $1,345.75 left in the Sub-Group account. We are waiting for money for the current year.

Richard Doyle proposed that members of the Sub-Group Executive be automatically allowed to spend $50 or less on meetings with members. Moved by Richard Doyle. Seconded by Éric Massey. Carried unanimously.

Donald suggested that the Sub-Group keep $500 in reserve for the AGM. Seconded by Éric Massey. Carried unanimously.

7. Ongoing consultation files

Richard provided information to the members on how consultation works and the processes to select regional consultation chairs.

He also talked about the needle program and the importance of harm reduction, and where the legal steps for the needle exchange program originated.

8. Bargaining/mobilization

The Bargaining Committee is meeting next week. Mobilization at the sites, starting tomorrow, is important to demonstrate to the employer that we support our Bargaining Team. The health / mental health leads will be meeting next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So in order to increase our impact, we need to prepare for our visibility tomorrow and early next week.

9. Other business

9.1 Consultation with Martine

Richard informed the committee members that Martine Lacroix is soon going to be stepping down from her position (Regional Consultation Chair). Martine will be here next Monday at the CSC Stewards meeting.

9.2 CSC/NU positions

Richard spoke about the WP-6 appointed to the FTC.

9.3 Reimbursement for professional association fees

Some members mentioned that they did not receive a full refund. Richard will discuss this with Valérie to see if grievances can be filed.

9.4 Archambault hiring

Éric informed us that some hiring was done at Archambault Institution so that people could get away more easily.

10. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Upcoming meetings for the Sub-Group

June 19, 2019 and September 18, 2019. At 6:30 p.m. at the Staff College. Eric will book the room.

The AGM will be held on November 11 at 9 a.m. at the Staff College.

The schedule of meetings following the AGM will be made once the AGM has been held. The schedule will depend on the availability of the Executive.

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Éric Massey, President