RE Group Executive Committee meeting

Minutes - May 3rd 2018


Call to Order: 9:05 AM

Present: Andrew Billyard, John MacFarlane replacing Maureen Nevins, John Fowler, Eric Hortop, Mehran Alaee, Richard Winder, Jean Bérubé, Matthew Macleod, Harold Mantel,

Khalid Rashid, Kathleen Emberson.

Regrets: Dounia Hamoutene,  Ross Tallman

Staff: Nicholas Pernal

  1. Approval of agenda. Proposed by Matthew Macleod, seconded by Jean Bérubé. Adopted
  1. Adoption of previous minutes. Proposed by Matthew Macleod, seconded by Eric Hortop.  Adopted.
  1. Business arising from previous meeting

Item 1: Discussed.

ACTION ITEM 1: John MacFarlane will communicate with Sean O’Reilly from PIPSC to inform him that lack of access to member’s email is affecting member’s mobilization.

Item 2: In progress.

Item 3: Eric and John MacFarlane will coordinate with Sean.

Item 4: Orientation package development is in progress (John Fowler).

Item 5: This is an open-ended item and is in progress.

Item 6: Done

Item 7: Done

Item 8: Done

4.  Financial Report

  • Harold Mantel’s revised financial report  - was sent in April.
  • Spending for LAC site visit is to be charged on the 2017 financial year.
  • A notional 2018 Budget was proposed and will be presented at the RE AGM.
  • CSPC: PIPSC has submitted a panel and RE group may finance sending delegates.
  • Recognition plaques for the  2014-18 Collective agreement bargaining team: 7 plaques are needed (Ed Chen, Humayoun Akhtar, Jean Bérubé, Christine Barrass, Matt Macleod, Robin Anderson, Richard Winder)

Motion to increase budget to $1,300.00 for plaques. Proposed by Mehran Alaee, seconded by

Andrew Billyard. Adopted.

ACTION ITEM 2: Richard Winder will propose a text for the plaques.

5. Review of strategy/goals/activities

  • Matt Macleod reviews the list
  • Rob Macdonald will talk during sub-groups presidents about Science in PIPSC
  • intermediate goals will be reviewed during the sub-group meeting

6.  Preparation for next election

  • Fall 2018

ACTION 3: Matt Macleod to contact retirees about participation in Election Committee.

ACTION 4: By-laws change discussions to be on next RE Exec meeting

7.  Selection of date for Fall Exec in Victoria. To be discussed and decision to be made after all members fill the Doodle.

8.  Scientific Integrity model/departmental updates

  • The TB model was drafted in consultation with PIPSC
  • May 8th is deadline for department to provide feedback of the TB model.

9.  Bargaining update-bargaining survey closed this week

  • Bargaining will begin in September 2018
  • SI: MOA is to be updated by the tripartite committee.  At any rate, it will remain an annex of the collective agreement.

10.  Conference

  • Conference denial ¨How To¨ is now on our web site
  • Deadlines for conference registration, hotels and flight is a huge problem with financial impact
  • EROs are now involved in grievance template on conference policies

11.  AGM agenda

  • Action items were reviewed in preparation for the RE AGM next day

12.  Communications

  • Jean Bérubé will write about the foreign travel directive still in effect for scientist going on detachment.
  • Jean Bérubé: ¨How to¨ request your extra time in field or for operational needs. 
  • Richard Winder: Phoenix and RE group retroactive pay
  • John Fowler: Orientation package for new members
  • ¨How to¨ on conference will be posted on the RE group web page
  • We will inquire sub-group presidents how they would like communication to be done

13.  Round table

ACTION ITEM 5: Jean Bérubé to send the Band Width program to RE members from al SBDs, in region and NCR.

ACTION ITEM 6: an email will be sent to RE Executives to request data on conference cost.

14.  Closing. Proposed by John Fowler, seconded by Andrew Billyard.