The Research (RE) Group executive invites nominations for the RE Group Commendation. 

Nominations are due December 31, 2023. Send your nomination via the web form below.

This award recognizes deserving RE Group members and members of the broader communities of science, labour activism and public service whose professional or volunteer achievements are aligned with the aims of our group.  In 2020, commendations were awarded to three dedicated activists from the RE Group.

The intent of the Commendation is to recognize service to the Group that is outside the scope or categories defined by the PIPSC national awards, but above day-to-day recognition via a certificate.  Contributions may be as a volunteer in any part of the union outside the RE group executive, in research, in public communication, or in going above and beyond the call of duty as a PIPSC staff member.   Achievements could be in areas such as:

  • scientific and research integrity
  • working conditions for government researchers
  • recruitment of PIPSC volunteers
  • evidence-based decision making
  • science and research communication

The awards committee will consider the impact of the achievement on the well-being of RE members, and/or the public good, and shall consider the degree of sustained effort, innovation and integrity shown by the candidate.  


Recipients of the award may not be current members of the RE executive at the time of nomination, nor at the time of awarding.  Up to three recipients per year may be from each of the following categories: 

  • RE group member (regular or retired)
  • PIPSC staff
  • member of the public (not part of the other two categories)

A team of any size falling into one of the categories is also eligible as a recipient. If members of a team fall into several categories then in their deliberations the Group Executive can consider the team to be in any category based on the mix and contributions of the members.

Previous recipients will not be reconsidered for at least five years.  

The work being recognized must have been undertaken, ongoing or completed within the last 24 months.