We are happy to announce that our new collective agreement is posted here.  Most changes took effect on the date of signing, 1 June 2017.  The changes to Article 22 Registration Fees, as well as to Articles 18.19 and 18.20(b) regarding Volunteer Leave and Personal Leave, are retroactive to 1 April 2017.  Changes to pay are retroactive as per the specific pay notes for each classification.  We apologize that the full text was not available prior to the commencement of retroactive payments (see details here http://pipsc.ca/groups/re/re-group-update), but we needed to ensure that the posted text fully reflected what was agreed to, and overall think it is positive that partial payments commenced well before the implementation deadline.

You may note that Appendix E with respect to Scientific Integrity imposes deadlines on departments and PIPSC to create departmental/agency policies.  A core team of PIPSC science members has been hard at work over the summer on a proposed model policy, which we can use as a basis for departmental consultations.  If you are interested in helping develop your department or agency’s policy, we encourage you to get involved with your consultation teams (http://pipsc.ca/labour-relations/consultation). 

Finally, with the posting of the agreement, we have officially dissolved the bargaining team, who have served us admirably since their first meeting in November 2013.  With that, we are now soliciting for volunteers to join the team for the next round.  While agreement expiry is over a year away, we want to have ample time to create a high quality bargaining survey and the other tools we will need to fully build on the momentum we established in this round.  Interested candidates can contact the Group President, Matthew MacLeod, at mmacleod@pipsc.ca by September 15th.  We would ask you to include:

  • The name of your department/agency
  • Your classification (DS, HR, MA, SE-REM, SE-RES)
  • Any issues you are particularly knowledgeable about and interested in