On June 1, the RE Group Collective Agreement was signed. We are going to see the first effects on our pay on July 12. The pay of most RE members will be adjusted based on the new hourly rate. There will also be a partial or full retroactive payment.

Phoenix problems persist in the handling of some pay scale restructuring. In addition, compensation data that may result in overpayment (leave without pay, maternity/parental leave) must be entered into the system before retroactive payouts can be issued. Therefore, the new pay rates may not necessarily be paid out on that day to everyone at the same time. This is normal and expected.

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) estimates that the file of one employee out of two will require action by a PSPC employee.

We need the cooperation of all RE members to ensure that a maximum amount of time is spent on this task by compensation staff. So it is important to allow at least 60 days, or even 90 days, before taking steps to challenge the sums received, as the employer has 120 days from the date the contract was signed (September 26) to adjust the hourly rates and pay all of the amounts owed.

To help you understand how retroactive pay works, Treasury Board has posted a Q&A page on its site. We encourage you to read it.