The signs of fall are everywhere – the leaves are turning, there’s a chill in the air, a whiff of pumpkin spice, and your RE bargaining team are all bundled up, hard at work fighting for a fair deal! 

From September 26 – 28, your RE bargaining team met with the employer to continue progress on our Group’s negotiations. Our session included a number of presentations from both sides, and more importantly, a lot of listening, asking questions, and learning. We finally tabled and presented our pay demands, as well as important proposals pertaining to overtime, sabbatical leave, in-person conference attendance, and compensation for our ever-increasing administrative burden.

As expected, the employer is pushing back on some of our demands, and we are pushing back equally on their unreasonable proposals. Overall we worked together quite well and came to an agreement on several important non-monetary items that will have a positive impact for RE members.

While not yet coming to an agreement on pay, we will be meeting again with the employer in late October after they have had some time to examine our numbers. 

With any luck, the employer will be fully in the Halloween spirit, and be more treat and less trick!

In solidarity, 

Your RE bargaining team, PIPSC