Bargaining proposals

In crafting its proposal, the Institute recognized the priority the Government has placed on science and research, their inclusion in decision-making, and strengthening the support for fundamental research. We also recognized the priority it has placed on diversity, gender equity, and young Canadians. We believe our proposals are consistent with enabling our members to contribute to those priorities.

Government researchers contribute to the wider research ecosystem, including such initiatives as the Innovation Superclusters. Our employees need guaranteed access to reliable and appropriate computing and networking tools. They also need access to reliable funding and approvals to share their findings broadly at academic conferences, to work collaboratively in academic and private sector labs for periods of time, and to conduct field studies. Our proposals with respect to Article 7 (Publications and Authorship) and Article 19 (Conferences and Professional Development) enshrine good practices and promote equitable distribution of development opportunities.

A move to gender neutral language is an important step to ensuring all employees see themselves in their terms and conditions of work. Improved consistency of overtime and travelling time conditions is of great importance to ensuring all employees, regardless of gender or family status, will be compensated fairly for taking time away from home to conduct their research and share their findings. This will more accurately reflect the intent of the existing language of the collective agreement, which recognizes that attendance at conferences, symposia, workshops is an integral part of the work of an RE member, not an option. Strengthening the language of Articles 19.03(a) and 19.04 on conference attendance will also better provide for equitable access to opportunities for all members, including newer employees, by establishing minimums and providing for more transparency in decision-making.

Finally, we wish to build on the success of the memorandum of agreement on scientific integrity, and ensure the effective collaboration process continues as departments and agencies implement their policies.

The Treasury Board proposal includes several concrete proposals as well as reserving the right to discuss other issues. Among the issues to be discussed later is hours of work for HRs serving the public at certain work sites: likely in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Halifax. The bargaining team is still awaiting this discussion and more information from the employer.

The employer has also provided a list of topics they would like to discuss at the Central Bargaining Table. However, the Strategic Bargaining Committee (made up of representatives from the eighteen groups under the Treasury Board and Separate Agencies under the Financial Administration Act) decided to negotiate centrally only a limited list of topics: Harassment, Parental Leave, Rule of Pay and General economic Increase. Here is their report ( So far, no other issue are planned to be added to that list. .

If you have any questions or concerns about bargaining, please contact a member of your RE bargaining team.

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