NUREG and the Employer exchanged proposals on March 25, 2019.  NUREG submitted a comprehensive package of proposals, seeking to address the issues and concerns identified by members in our bargaining survey.  The Employer identified a number of issues for discussion, however there are no demands for concessions. 

Your Bargaining Team met March 27 to 29 with the employer for the first sessions of bargaining.  We agreed to abide by the principles of the Negotiations Protocol established between PIPSC and Treasury Board, which includes confidentiality for all items discussed during negotiations.  This is customary and necessary to establish open dialogue and effective negotiations. While we cannot discuss specifics of the discussions with Treasury Board, we will provide regular updates on progress.

NUREG’s pay proposal was presented during these first sessions. This approach was motivated by your strong message to ensure a timely settlement and fair wage increase.  In addition to a general economic increase, NUREG is seeking market adjustments across all classifications.

Once translated, the NUREG and Employer proposal documents, including the NUREG pay proposal, will be posted on the web site for the information of all members.

Additional dates for Bargaining have been tentatively scheduled for April, May and June.  Your team is committed to seeking a fair and timely settlement which recognizes the important contributions of all NUREG members.

Thank you to everyone who attended the general membership meeting on Friday March 29.  NUREG President Harold Marcotte spoke passionately about the importance of unity and avoiding efforts to divide and conquer our members.  Harold stated that the goal for this round of bargaining is to ensure that “everybody wins.”

You can contribute to the success of these negotiations by:

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