Message from the President

Dear Members,

I hope all of you are doing well and having a good start to the New Year. 2023 ended with some great news as the NR Bargaining Team has reached a Tentative Agreement with our Employer, the Treasury Board after more than one year of intense negotiations. The new agreement represents important improvements to wages, vacation leave as well as a number of other improvements to various provisions of the collective agreement. You can find a summary of the tentative agreement in this bulletin. The NR PSPC Sub-Group Executive is in support of this tentative agreement and is encouraging all members to vote in favour of it during the ratification period.

Despite these good news, I know many of you still face many challenges in the workplace. There has been higher scrutiny around attendance to the office which creates unnecessary stress and administrative burden. Moreover, the current model does not favour collaboration or a positive workplace culture but rather presence in a PSPC workplace (among a long list of office locations) regardless of it having a purpose. Many of you have told me how you spend entire days on MS Teams Meeting, but in the office! We have clearly demonstrated our ability to perform our duties while working remotely and most of us are more than happy to report to the office or other in person locations when there is a specific purpose. Unfortunately, Management is continuing to push a model that does not work, PIPSC will continue to advocate for presence with a purpose. We have never opposed a return to office, but it must make sense and achieve better value for the workers, management and in turn improve the service we provide to Canadians.

Challenges with the new administrator of the Public Service Healthcare Plan (PSHCP), Canada Life are persisting despite numerous public interventions from PIPSC and other bargaining agents to call on the Government to ensure that plan beneficiaries get their claims reimbursed accurately and in due time. I encourage you to follow up with Canada Life regularly if you have any claims that are pending. I also encourage you to contact your Member of Parliament to seek assistance with outstanding claims and to ask your MP to take action on this fiasco.

There remains a great deal of uncertainty on the Refocusing Government Spending and what that will mean for us in PSPC, Senior Management has yet to share any meaningful information with the bargaining agents. PIPSC is pleased that the Government wants to reduce spending on consulting and professional services which we’ve been asking for a long time. However, this initiative must be combined with a solid and well thought out plan to upskill the public servant workforce to ensure continuity of operations and that no knowledge is lost in the transition. Unfortunately, despite numerous requests, we don’t sense any desire for it to happen.

From November 26 to 29, I attended the 104th Annual General Meeting of the Institute that took place on Montreal. This year, the AGM was held in a Convention format featuring inspiring speakers, training session as well as the regular business of the Institute. Unfortunately, the AGM delegates voted down a proposal to increase Union dues. Although this may seem like a good decisions for members, this will limit the ability for PIPSC to improve service to members and put our union in a precarious financial situation. If you are interested to participate in the PIPSC AGM in the future, I invite you to apply as a delegate when the call is sent out.

On December 5, we had our Sub-Group’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in a virtual format with over 40 participants. Thanks to all the members that took some time in their day and took interest in the business of the Institute. We have elected a full Executive of 11 members with new and returning members. The Sub-Group Executive is looking forward to work together to organize events of interest to the membership and to continue the collaboration with the PSPC Consultation Team and NR Group National Executive on issues that matter the most to you.

I wish to each and every of you the best in 2024! Don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to hear from you.

In Solidarity,

Charles Nellis (he/him), CEP, PMP, LEED Green Associate                                                                                                                    
(613) 793-4099

NR PSPC Sub-Group AGM & Elections

The PSPC NR NCR Sub-Group Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on Tuesday December 5th, 2023, from 12 to 1 PM in a Virtual Format. We had over 40 participants join us. Our Guest Speaker was Hugo Buttau, the NR Bargaining Coordinator who presented a Bargaining Update and answered questions from members. We also had the presence of Pierre Richard, Sub-Group Coordinator and Tim Kirkby, NR Bargaining Team Member.

During the AGM, we also held our Elections that were chaired by Robert Porter who graciously accepted to volunteer in that capacity. The following individuals were acclaimed to a two-year term:

  • Charles Nellis
  • Cameron Smith
  • Luc Généreux
  • Brian Boyd
  • Joseph Wong
  • Ved Proag
  • Megan Beange
  • Thuc Van Quan
  • Martin Benoit
  • Ranya El Sadawy
  • James LeBlanc

We have many returning executive members as well as new members joining us for the first time. We are fortunate to have a very diverse group of individuals representative of our membership.

On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, the Executive members elected the officer positions of the Sub-Group Executive. The following individuals were acclaimed in their respective positions:

  • President: Charles Nellis
  • Vice-President: Ved Proag
  • Treasurer: Thuc Van Quan
  • Secretary: Ranya El Sadawy

The PSPC NR Sub-Group Executive is looking forward to a productive year working on behalf of our members. You can find out contact information for all members of the Sub-Group Executive here.

NR Group News

Collective Bargaining Update

We are very pleased to announce that your NR Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement with the Treasury Board.

After intense negotiations, some of the major wins for NR Group members include:

  • 12.5% wage increases over 4 years (compounded to 13.14%). It should be noted that retroactive payments will be made for the period starting September 30, 2022, up to the signing of the collective agreement, if ratified by the NR Group membership.
  • $2,500 one-time lump sum payment.
  • Key improvements to vacation leave. The time required to get 4 weeks of vacation leave has been reduced from 8 years to 7 years. The time required to get 5 weeks of vacation leave has been reduced from 18 to 17 years.
  • Improvements with flexibility in work hours.
  • Improved language on professional development.
  • Clarification on the payment of professional fees for urban planners.
  • Improved access to domestic violence leave, the addition of bereavement leave for stillbirth, and leave for traditional Indigenous practices.
  • A new letter of agreement of telework.
  • Renewal of the language on Article 18.07 concerning the Joint PIPSC / Treasury Board Committee on Career Development.
  • An agreement to discuss the late payment of land surveyors licensing fees with key government departments.
  • Other improvements, including for NR Group members working in sea trials and those working at Corrections Canada.

You can find more details about the Tentative Agreement and the Ratification Vote here.

While this tentative agreement does not solve all of our problems, it does make important steps towards resolving some long-standing issues.

In closing, we would like to recognize and thank the members of the bargaining team: Hugo Buttau; Gary Corbett; John Eng; Tim F. Kirkby; Pierre G. Richard; Cameron A. Smith; Luc Thibodeau; Shirley Tso; David A. Young; Franco Amato.

Your assistance in providing input and support has been key to the success of our bargaining.


NR Elections Update

The NR Election Committee received nominations for the 11 candidates who qualified and are listed below:




Barry Goldman


Asif Mohammed


Aaron Thompson


Angelo Guglielmo


Yves Cousineau


Tim Kirkby


Kimberly Hradecky


Hassan Dahbi Skali


Luc Thibodeau


Mark Burke


Hugo Buttau


We are in the process of reviewing the candidate’s nomination package. The vote for the NR elections will take place after the ratification vote on the new tentative agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact

Parliamentarians and PIPSC leaders grill Treasury Board and Canada Life Officials on the botched transition to Canada Life

Following over two decades with Sunlife as a service provider, the Government of Canada awarded Canada Life Assurance Company (Canada Life) the contract to administer the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP).

Following an 18-month preparatory period, this change went live on July 1, 2023. The transition has been chaotic and poorly executed – leaving public servants having to navigate major hurdles in order to access their benefits.

Our members’ concerns about this handover were on full display both at the Parliamentary Committee and the PSHCP Partners Committees this month. 

At a December 7th hearing on Parliament Hill, members of the opposition raised the failure to adequately plan and implement the updated PSHCP with senior leadership at both Canada Life and Treasury Board Secretariat. It was clear that opposition parliamentarians have been paying attention to the ongoing advocacy of federal unions and the Retirees' Association with respect to the handover.

While improvements to customer service wait times were noted, officials could not explain why Canada Life did not take common sense measures in advance of the handover. They also could not address Canada Life's lack of understanding of the basics of healthcare practices, insurance policies, or administrative best practices. 

Treasury Board officials remained tight-lipped on the reasons why Canada Life failed to anticipate and solve the many challenges now being faced by plan members during the year-and-half before the changeover occurred.

On December 19th – at a subsequent meeting of the PSHCP Partners Committee – PIPSC President Jennifer Carr reiterated these concerns to these same Treasury Board officials and senior leadership of Canada Life. While both parties have taken meaningful actions to improve plan member experience, PIPSC and our partners from other unions and the National Association of Federal Retirees are still waiting to see true accountability for Canada Life's egregious lack of planning. We continue to work with the Treasury Board to share with them best practices for health benefits.

PIPSC has published a comprehensive member guide on the updated plan. This guide includes information on how to navigate some of the more complex plan changes, how to challenge Canada Life decisions, and how to benefit from 90 percent drug coverage through our ServicePlus partner pharmacy, Mednow.

PIPSC, other bargaining agents, and the Retirees' Association continue to pressure the Treasury Board to demand better of Canada Life. This is not the level of service we expect or were promised. We thank our members for their ongoing patience through this frustrating transition and are taking measures to protect your interests.


PIPSC Convention concludes with a strong commitment to become a "beacon of progress"

PIPSC concluded its landmark national convention today, marking a significant milestone in the union's journey towards becoming a 'beacon of progress' and preparing for the future in the labour landscape.

The convention, under the theme "Ready for the Future", showcased PIPSC's strategic initiatives and forward-thinking approaches, particularly in preparing for technological advancements, championing equity, and moving toward reconciliation. The unveiling of 'Navigar,' an innovative AI-driven career navigation tool, is a testament to the union's dedication to ensuring its members are well-equipped for the evolving nature of work.

A crucial part of the convention was the revealing of the study conducted in partnership with Know History, addressing PIPSC's historical role in colonial practices. This acknowledgment is a step towards reconciliation and reflects the union's commitment to understanding and rectifying its past as part of its progress towards a more inclusive future.

"This convention marks a pivotal moment in our history. We stand at the forefront of change, we’re not just ready for the future, but actively shaping it. We are committed to being a beacon of progress, illuminating the path for our members and setting a standard for unions across Canada. Our actions and discussions here have laid the groundwork for a future where innovation, equity, and reconciliation are not just ideals, but realities we live and work by every day,” said PIPSC President Jennifer Carr at the conclusion of the convention.

The convention also highlighted the importance of preparing for political changes in the coming years, ensuring that PIPSC's bargaining, representational, and advocacy capacities are stronger than ever. The diverse array of speakers and the insights shared have sparked new ideas and strategies for the union to effectively navigate and influence the future of work.

As the convention concluded, PIPSC reaffirmed its commitment to continuous learning, embracing diversity, and fostering an inclusive environment where every member is valued and heard. The union is poised to leverage the insights and momentum from this event to drive meaningful change and ensure that it is well-prepared for the future.


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“But why?” you might ask, your medications are covered by your health insurance through your employer.

Well, first of all, costs will go down with Mednow, which is good.

Rising healthcare costs affect us all, so beyond being the right thing to do, reducing overall plan costs on medication means that there can be more money available to

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Upcoming Sub-Group Events

You Sub-Group Executive is very excited to present of series of events this coming year, both virtual and in person. Separate invitations will be sent by email for each of them, please ensure to check your inbox and register.


  • Spring 2024 – Virtual Lunch & Learn with PIPSC Leadership
  • Spring/Summer 2024 – In Person Event TBD – Send us your ideas!
  • Fall 2024 – Virtual Lunch & Learn – Topic TBD – Send us your ideas!
  • November/December 2024 Evening – In Person - Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Dinner

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We always need help to organize events and conduct other initiatives for the Sub-Group. Members can also attend our monthly Executive Meetings as observers. If this is of interest to you, please reach out to

We are also always looking for Stewards to join our team to support members. We are especially looking for Stewards that come from equity seeking groups including women, visual minorities, persons with disabilities, Indigenous individuals, and members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community. If this is of interest to you, please consult this link and don’t hesitate to reach to a fellow Steward to get a better understanding of the role and determine if it suits you.

We are also in need of volunteers to become members of local Occupational Health & Safety Committees as PIPSC Representatives. This is a great way to become more familiar with an important aspect of the workplace and contribute to improve the safety of the workplace in collaboration with management. Please note that you can only become a member of the Committee of your official place of work. Training is available and offered by the Department. Please reach out to if interested.

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