Hi All,

On behalf of your NR bargaining team, here is our latest NR Group bargaining news:

  • We have a new PIPSC negotiator: Franco Amato. Our thanks go out to our past negotiator, Pierre Ouellet, for his hard work to date. He has moved on to another opportunity, and we wish him the best of success. We look forward to Franco continuing with Pierre’s achievements to date, taking us to our next collective agreement.
  • Our next hybrid/in-person bargaining session with the Treasury Board is confirmed for August 29, 30, and 31. Our bargaining team will meet after the session on September 1 to review progress and prepare for the following October session.
  • We have also confirmed October bargaining dates with the Treasury Board for October 24, 25, 26. Our bargaining team will also meet on October 27 to review progress made there.
  • The PIPSC Central Table (which includes our NR Group) has reached a deal with the Treasury Board on non-monetary issues. The Strategic Bargaining Committee at PIPSC will be meeting August 25 to review those details.

Although I would like to share the exact details of our progress to date, bargaining protocol only allows general information to be disseminated until a new agreement is reached. 

If you would like to discuss this more openly, please have your NR Subgroup contact our NR Subgroup coordinator (Pierre Richard) at prichard@pipsc.ca to schedule a meeting between the subgroup and the bargaining team.

We are better together,


Hugo Buttau, P.Eng.
PIPSC NR Bargaining Coordinator