PIPSC NR Group Governance Update

On October 31st, our Group president, Glen Schjerning, a PIPSC member in good standing, was replaced by acting Group President Pierre Richard. Pierre is a Quebec region long standing NR executive member, who works in Montreal and is a member of the bargaining team. We thank Pierre for his willingness to step into the presidency role on the acting basis.

On November 17th, the NR Group Executive elected Tim Kirkby as Group President. Tim is very active promoting professional recognition through his work as eastern regional Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) council member and is the PEO representative on the Council of Ontario Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists. We thank Tim for accepting the leadership role as President of the NR Group.

PIPSC NR Group Bargaining Update

  1. Your NR Bargaining Team has provided Treasury Board, our Notice to Bargain on September 7, 2022, ahead of the expiry of our Agreement. The team is lead by Hugo Buttau and includes team members John Eng, David Young, Pierre Richard, Shirley Tso, Luc Thibodeau, and group president Tim Kirkby.
  2. Following the feedback from NR Members, the bargaining team has prepared our Bargaining Demands.
  3. Treasury Board has confirmed our notice, and we have scheduled in-person Bargaining on January 24 & 25, 2023.

Please check your email or PIPSC NR webpage regularly for further details

Thanks again from your NR Bargaining Team.