The Sentinel — November 2021


Your NFB union representatives are working on a number of issues, including the Phoenix file, which was completed successfully in recent weeks, the return to work plan, the work overload experienced by many teams and various other ongoing files, notably the upcoming collective agreement.

      Phoenix: Employees eligible for a retroactive lump sum payment due to their reclassification finally received a letter stating the payment amount and those concerned have received their payments.

·     Overtime presentation in collaboration with HR: We worked with HR to clarify aspects of overtime and will share our conclusions shortly.

·     Telework policy: We are closely monitoring this matter, with a return to work in hybrid mode planned before January. We need to finalize the policy’s details with an eye to the future.

·     New negotiations on the horizon: We have started going over the key elements of the new collective agreement.


Union executive election time

Marco Girouard has been Acting President since Claude Lord’s retirement after 12 years as PIPSC NFB Group President. There are currently six executive positions up for election. Stay tuned!

Union representative training

There are training sessions available throughout the year to become a union representative—if you want to join the team, now’s your chance!


A little history…


The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada was founded in 1920. With over 60,000 members, the Institute is the largest union in Canada representing scientists and professionals employed at the federal and some provincial and territorial levels of government.


The Institute was founded to protect the interests of professional public employees and became a bargaining agent following the implementation of the Public Service Staff Relations Act (PSSRA) in 1967.The Institute is the bargaining agent for more than 41 knowledge-based Groups and negotiates with 27 different employers in seven different jurisdictions.


The Institute serves its members with approximately 140 full-time staff in its National Office and Regional Offices in Halifax, Montréal, the National Capital, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver.


The Collective Agreement (download it if you don’t have a copy)



The IPFPC|PIPSC NFB stewards are Jean-Eddyson Cadet, Philippe Chartrand, Darin Clausen, Lydia Côté, Florence François, Marco Girouard, Carla Marie Jones  and Mathieu Sheehy.


Hope to see you soon!

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