Dear Members,

Your Bargaining team wanted to inform you that we have just completed a three day session on Bargaining Training offered by PIPSC which we feel was highly beneficial.  We are scheduled to meet our negotiator Jean-Paul Leduc on December 10th and 11th 2019, in order to prepare for upcoming bargaining despite not having yet received dates from the employer to begin negotiating the next agreement.

Your Bargaining team needs to update its contact list.  We ask that all members to please provide your cellular phone number and personal E-mail ASAP. Please be advised that any further communications will be done by other means than work E-mails.

Please provide this information to Yves Duguay at: or via text at 5065475117.

We shall continue to update you on upcoming events.

Your Bargaining team,

Claude Haché

Yves Duguay

Brian Munn

Chris Titus (ex officio member)