13 March 2024
We have reached an impasse at the bargaining table and your NBCP bargaining team has filed for conciliation.  Join us on Zoom for a one-hour virtual bargaining update to learn more about the bargaining process, the progress we have made so far, and what comes next. 
12 October 2021
Dear Members, We are pleased to confirm that the tentative collective bargaining agreement has been ratified. The vote totals were as follows: Total votes: 63 (out of 80 eligible voters) In favour: 42 (66.67%) Opposed: 21 (33.33%)
9 September 2020
Selection of President of the NB National Consultation Team
17 April 2020
NB-CP Bargaining Update (March 2020)
13 March 2020
Dear Members, Your Bargaining Team met with the Employer March 9 to 11, 2020, in Fredericton. We have resolved a number of issues during this round of negotiation. We presented our proposals and are expecting that the Employer will come back to us with a fair wage adjustment.
1 November 2019
Dear Members,
3 January 2018
New Brunswick Occupational Health & Safety Act (OH&S) What is it for?
3 January 2018
New Brunswick Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA) What is it for?
3 January 2018
Duty to Accommodate To accommodate means to modify or adjust policies, practices and facilities to eliminate their discriminatory effect.
2 June 2017