Voting in the 2023 Ontario Medical Physics (MP) Group executive election has been completed. Two candidates were elected by the members of Grand River/Kingston/Lakeridge/Windsor/Niagara.

In addition, candidates from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, The Ottawa Hospital, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre, London Health Sciences Centre and Health Sciences North were elected without opposition.

The following successful candidates will serve on the executive group for three years. 

Ady Abdellatif – Lakeridge Health (elected)

Josef Dubicki – Niagara Health (elected)

Sara Gholampourkashi – The Ottawa Hospital (acclaimed)

Anthony Kim – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (acclaimed)

Daniel Provost – Health Sciences North (acclaimed)

Bryan Schaly – London Health Sciences Centre (acclaimed)

Martin Shim – Hamilton Health Sciences Centre (acclaimed)


MP Elections Committee

Gordon Chan

Lee Chin