Ontario Medical Physicists (OMP), PIPSC

AGM, June 14, 2017: Minutes of Meeting

Meeting Started: 2:00 PM

The AGM was conducted through teleconferencing. Meeting was moderated by Ryan Studinski, President OMP

  1. ROLL CALL:  The following number of members attended the AGM

Cancer Centres

Number of members attended the AGM

Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, Kingston


Odette Cancer Centre, Toronto


Juravinski Cancer Centre, Hamilton


R. S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre, Oshawa


London Regional Cancer Program, London


Windsor Regional Cancer Center, Windsor


Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, Kitchener


The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Ottawa


Northeast Cancer Centre, Sudbury


North West Regional Cancer Program, Thunder bay





2.    APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA – Proposed by: Ryan Studinski (Ottawa), Seconded by:  Bryan Schaly (London) and  Paule Charland (Kitchener)  AGENDA APPROVED

3.    REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT: Ryan Studinski, President Ontario Medical Physicists (OMP)  briefed the AGM on activities of the executive in past few years:

a.    Rob Hunter (Hamilton) withdrew from the Executive Committee (due to taking new position in the department). Paule Charland (Kitchener) replaced Rob Hunter as an Acting Treasurer in the Executive Committee. Paule was chosen based on consensus by the members of Executive Committee.
b.    For the last collective agreement negotiations (2016) about 2-3 bargaining sessions took place. A four year contract was negotiated and ratified. The current contract is due for renewal in 2019.
c.    A survey conducted prior to last bargaining showed most concern related to salary differential between the positions of physicist and senior physicist. As no senior physicist was member of the last bargaining team, it was decided that a small working group including a senior medical physicist, medical physicist and a PIPSC representative will be formed to consider the issue and make recommendations for the next bargaining team. Joe Hayward (Hamilton) will be the Sr. Med. Physicist representative and Ryan Studinski will be the Med Physicist representative in this committee.  A survey will be sent in future to get opinions and suggestions on what members want done with the senior physicist position.
d.    Other important issues for the association (OMP) are establishing the next executive and developing some guidelines regarding membership in the executive committee e.g. guaranteed representation for larger cancer centres, gender representation and representation of senior med physicist in the Executive Committee.

4.    ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT – Paule Charland, Acting Treasurer

a.    Current balance in the Ontario Medical Physicist (OMP) bank account at Bank of Montreal is $XXXX
b.    OMP signing authorities for the bank a/c – Paule Charland, Ryan Studinski and  Bryan Schaly
c.    Where did the money come from? (Question from a delegate) –
i.    Request was made to PIPSC in the past and money was deposited in the OMP account (comment from Joyana Cygler).
ii.    PIPSC provides a chunk of money to the association to conduct its activities e.g. organizing an AGM. Which depends on different criteria e.g. funds per member (e.g. $XX/member), size of the association as well as minutes/reports presented by the Treasurer, Election Committee and AGM?
iii.    There were questions regarding why different groups get different funds from PIPSC, and if we don’t spend this money do we have to give it back? Jean-Paule (PIPSC) commented that the money may not be taken back however only certain additional funding may be provided depending on the expenses in activities e.g. cost of Executive Committee meeting, working meal, training.
d.    MOTION to APPROVE THE BUDGET – At the moment there is no particular budget planned and only balance sheet of available funds is available.  APPROVED – the existing balance sheet, and proposal to move forward for a detailed spreadsheet / budget at the next AGM.

5.    ELECTION COMMITTEE for the next Executive : Daryl Scora, Chandra Joshi

a.    Positions of Vice President, Secretary and 2 members at large are up for election.
b.    We haven’t had elections for past many years. The positions of the President, Treasurer and 1 member at large are slated for the subsequent election (after the next election).
c.    The coming election will be done via PIPSC, expect information to come from them soon
d.    Requirements for nomination– Two members to sign candidate’s nomination (propos and support) and indicate the position (VP, Secretary or member).

6.    NEW BUSINESS: Ryan Studinski

a.    OMP needs its own new Constitution. Currently we follow the standard generic constitution provided by the PIPSC, which may not reflect OMP requirements e.g. there’s no membership voting for the new president, representations such as gender, sr. physicist or larger centres.
b.    Proposal – form a Constitution Committee of up to 10 members to draft a Constitution for OMPs (Ryan Studinski). Proposal approved through consensus (all agree).
c.    The next COMP meeting is in Ottawa (12 – 15 July). If possible, it would be nice to meet in person on Wed July 12th to discuss relevant issues.  It may be possible to organize a gathering if there is enough interest. If you are in Ottawa for attending the COMP and support the idea, please email Ryan Studinski (rstudinski@toh.ca) to express interest.
d.    Jean-Paul, PIPSC – the Committee on Sr. Physicist/Physicist differential in salary rate issues will start working around September/October 2017.