Minutes taken by Baochang Liu (Secretary for the AGM)

Meeting started: 12:00PM

Current Executive Board Members: Anthony Kim (President), Bryan Schlay (Vice President), Paule Charland (Treasurer), Baochang Liu (Secretary), Kevin Diamond, Daniel Provost and Byron Wilson.


1. Roll call



Grand River Hospital


Hamilton Health Sciences Centre


Health Sciences North


Lakeridge Health Corporation


London Health Sciences Centre


Niagara Health Systems


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


The Ottawa Hospital


Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre


Windsor Regional Hospital




Also in attendance: Vance Coulas, PIPSC negotiator


2. Approval of the 2022 agenda

Anthony briefly introduced the agenda.

Anthony motion to approve, seconded by Beibei Zhang.

Motion carried by membership (i.e. no opposition votes).

3. Approval of the 2019 Minutes

Anthony presented the website address of the previous meeting minutes, which has been sent to the members for review via the meeting invite email.

Motion to approve, Ryan Studinski seconded.

Business arising from the minutes: No

Motion carried by membership (i.e. no opposition votes).

4. Report of the President (Anthony Kim, President)

Bargaining 2020: Executive had in person and virtual meeting with Jean-Paul Leduc (PIPSC negotiator) to discuss the strategy for 2020 negotiation regarding the contract expired June 30, 2019. The membership survey has aided in the negotiation. Although the negotiations were significantly delayed due to pandemic, the first meeting with the employer took place on December 8, 2020, and followed by email exchanges and meetings. The MoS was signed on February 2, 2021.

Some contract changes for the bargaining 2020 were reviewed in more details. These changes included:

  • 14.06 addition and 17.03 addition
  • 19.01 Amendment: vision care benefit increases to $450 every 24 months, and audiology benefit increases to $600 every 36 months
  • 14.05 and 14.06 Amendments
  • Schedule A: new membership list now includes Niagara Health Systems
  • Schedule B: 1%/yr for 3 years
  • Re-opener LOU: the parties agree to a re-opener on monetary proposals in the event that Bill 124 is declared unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, or the Bill is otherwise amended or repealed.

Anthony continued: Current memberships include 103 regular and 13 Rand members. The total number is 116. The Rand members are the members who paid union dues but have not signed the membership cards yet. Otherwise, they are entitled the union representation.  

Bargaining 2022/23: The current contract expires June 30, 2022. Vance Coulas has taken over the negotiating duties from Jean-Paul Leduc. Vance will speak at the end of this AGM.

 5. Annual Financial Report (Paule Charland, Treasurer)

Not for publishing

 6. Report of the Elections Committee (David Beachey)

David reports: Paule and David have successfully recruited two executive representatives from two major centres. The new representatives are Baochang Liu (Niagara Health Systems) and Byron Wilson (Ottawa Hospital). The executive team is now at the full complement.

7. Upcoming bargaining update (Vance Coulas, PIPSC negotiator)

Vance described general strategy as negotiations for the next bargaining round approach.

8. Round table

Grand River, no comment

Hamilton Health Sciences, no comment

Kingston General, no comment

Lakeridge Health: no comment

London Health Sciences, no comment

Health Sciences North, no comment

Sunnybrook Health Sciences, no comment

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences, no comment

The Ottawa Hospital:  Questions on bargaining


9. Adjournment

Meeting Adjourned: 12:45PM