Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba CS Group

March 2, 2021



In attendance: Rose Dong, Brody Bell, David Hakes, Kris Schellekens, Jason Caners, Andre Saive, Roy Mulchand, Pramesh Selliah

Regrets: Dennis Savage


  1. Call to Order: Rose Dong called the meeting to order at 4:34pm.
  1. Welcome: Rose would like to thank everyone for showing up tonight.
  1. Minutes: Rose canvassed for objections to the last minutes from our Dec 8 meeting. None objected.
  1. Resignment: Ken Jackson has resigned his position from the subgroup.
  1. New Business: Contract was signed as of February 26th. The employer has 180 calendar days (six months) to pay retro. Included as well is $X for late implementation to all members.
  1. Face to Face Meetings: As of last communication from PIPSC, we are not allowed to meet face to face until at least the end of May.
  1. New Stewards: We have two new stewards: Daniel Gerard and Ray Wiegand, both from the RCMP.
  1. New PIPSC Website: New website available to members: for information/reports/etc.
  1. Financials: Kris provided the most recent financial statements. Rose advised we are in a good position in terms of money as we just received our allotment.

10. AGM: Rose talked to Rob Scott at PIPSC who has confirmed we are able to do a virtual Zoom AGM. It was recommended that we offer registration in advance to gauge interest/assess how much promotional material will be required. Proposed date April 15 at 5pm.

  a) Rose will contact Rob Scott for access (and to assist) with a PIPSC Zoom Pro account;

  b) Rose will send the poster to PIPSC and all members; and

  c) Jason has volunteered to be the election chair for this AGM and noted that many positions are up for election.


11. Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by Rose Dong, seconded by Pramesh Selliah and carried a unanimous vote. The meeting was adjourned at 5:34pm.