Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

IT Group (formerly CS Group)

2022 IT Election Report


1.          The CS Group held its elections from May 10th to May 31st, 2022.  For this occasion, an election committee

             was struck as follows:

             President: Yvonne Snaddon

             Member:  Pierre Touchette

             Member:  Steven Frechette

2.         The following positions were due to be filled by election:

1          President – 3 year term

5          Member-at-Large - 3 year term

1          Member-at-Large - 2 year term

3.         Two applications were registered for the position of President.

            Stan Buday was elected for a term of 3 years.

1.         Stan Buday    

           The following candidate has not been elected:

2.        Stephane Aubry         

4.        Seventeen (17) applications were registered for six (6) Member-at-Large positions.

A candidate was required to represent the Prairies Region.  Robert Scott was acclaimed per CS regulations

The following persons were elected for a term of three (3) years:

1.         Robert Scott               

2.         Robert Tellier             

3.         Stephane Aubry         

4.         Debbie Butler             

5.         Patricia Williams        

6.         Tamara Critch            


The following candidates have not been elected:

7.        J. Gordon Bulmer                 

8.        Denis Caissy                        

9.        Aleksandra Dukic                 

10.     Shawn Adams                      

11.     Nino Mangione                     

12.     Randy Oomen                      

13.     James Brown                       

14.     James Young                       

15.     Yaamalai Sri Tharan            

16.     Matthew Waters                   

17.     Alex Stefishen                        


5.     The IT Group Election Committee on behalf of the IT Group Executive would like to thank all the candidates. We would also like to congratulate elected members of the 2022 IT Group election.


Yvonne Snaddon 2022 IT Group Election President

Yvonne Snaddon

2022 IT Group Election President