IT Group Executive Meeting

19 December 2022, 09h00 - 17h00 (Eastern time)

PIPSC-IPFPC 250 Tremblay Road



Present : Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Yvonne Snaddon, Tamara Critch, Patricia Williams, Deb Butler, Rob Scott, Tony Goddard, Robert Tellier, Stéphane Aubry, Steven Fréchette, JP Leduc (staff)

Via Zoom: Lucille Shears, Karim Chaganni, Mitchel Sanders (staff)

  1. Welcome: Stan welcomed the members and opened the meeting at 09h19
  1. Adoption of Agenda

Moved: Tony Goddard    Seconded: Yvonne Snaddon

THAT the agenda be accepted as presented.


  1. Approval of Minutes of Last meeting

Moved: Tony Goddard    Seconded: Rob Scott

THAT the minutes 17 November 2022 be accepted as presented.


  1. Business Arising from the minutes
    1. Set up a session with the SG Presidents to discuss these issues (Rands & orphans). (Lucille)

Ongoing – will set up for January and report back to Exec

    1. Draft and post a notice to the members advising of Robert’s & Tamara’s term-swap. (Tony & Yvonne) Complete:
    1. Draft new wording for the affected subgroup bylaws to reflect the changes agreed to by the IT Executive. (Tony) Complete: Wording reviewed by the Executive and agreed upon.

ACTION ITEM (Lucille): Next steps, present wording to the subgroups for adoption at their next AGM.  Talk with PIPSC VP Sean O’Reilly to coordinate and implement.

Robert also mentioned that there are other areas, such those highlighted by David Claveau, that have few members and would like to be attached to a different Subgroup. Perhaps conversations about geographic borders could be initiated with PIPSC Membership and the PIPSC EC.

Yvonne reminded us that these members and subgroups could still hold virtual events and meetings.

    1. Request a presentation/consultation at the AC on the potential new policies on constituent body spending (internet, phone, equipment, etc.). (Stan) Complete: Stan advised that, without requesting, the AC made a presentation on these items at the last AC meeting (Dec 10th). An update will be provided later in this meeting.
    1. Please also review the Action Item spreadsheet.
        1. All Hardware information to be sent to Deb (item and serial number) (All)Ongoing
        2. Add “Discussion on composition of the CS Group Bargaining Team” to a future Executive meeting. (Tony) – Tabled to next (2023) Strategic Planning Meeting.
        3. Set up a meeting(s) with Communications to identify potential issues and solutions for the communication processes with our membership. (Stan) Provided feedback to the taskforce and expects this to be addressed by the AC at a future meeting. Karim stressed that PIPSC Comms needs to detail the SOP for getting comms out to the membership – Karim has been back and forth for over 6 weeks now trying to get Youth message out.

ACTION ITEM (Stan):  Send a request to Craig Bradley to add this item to a future AC agenda.

ACTION ITEM (Stan):  Forward Karim’s email on Comms issues to VP Eva Henshaw.

        1. Request a 10-minute slot to make a presentation to the PIPSC EC (Young Professionals) (Yvonne) – Complete: spoke to various BoD members, including Dave Sutherland & Sean O’Reilly to push our request.
        2. Meet to discuss COAT information & pay strategies. (Rob S & Yvonne) – Ongoing: likely to happen before January 2023 via Zoom.
        3. Share any documentation/information provided on the new member re-engagement initiative. (Robert T.) Complete: Robert uploaded the document to the meeting folder on the IT Group drive.
        4. Send suggestions for visibility items to Pierre ASAP. (All) - Ongoing
  1. Standing Items
    1. Bargaining Update (Rob & JP)

Moved: Patricia Williams Seconded: Tamara Critch

THAT we move to Closed Session.




Moved: Tamara Critch   Seconded: Deb Butler

THAT we leave the Closed Session.


    1. Strategic Planning (SP) Update (Stan)

Have the timelines been set by each team? NO – This must be done pronto, especially before the  Subgroup Presidents meeting. Stan pleaded with the exec to please set up a zoom meeting to complete this ASAP (no later than mid-January).

ACTION ITEM (SP Team Leads):  Review the SP timelines and if you need to update them, notify all execs that you have changed your timeline.

ACTION ITEM (Tony):  Add SP Team reports to the next Executive meeting agenda.



SP Teams

Rob S




Robert T








Free Agent: Stan


    1. Visibility (Pierre)

The budget is already overspent by $13,000. Of the new swag ordered, we still have some items: 144 toques, pens, polo shirts (for the SGP meeting), bandanas, chair covers, yoga mats and water bottles. We also have old “CS” branded items, like size XL dress shirts and bandanas, in the PIPSC basement. Do we recycle or donate these items?

We also have several big flags – do we want to redo any of them?

3 subgroups from Quebec have already requested in-stands.

Stan The visibility budget is presently set at $30K.

Robert Can PIPSC help in the rebranding? Can CS logo items be sent to shelters?


Moved: Robert Tellier   Seconded: Yvonne Snaddon

THAT we send old “CS logo” items that can be used by the homeless to NCR shelters. Pierre to organize.

CARRIED unanimous


Stan – How much do we have in our bank account? Deb - $130K. Our allocation was $150K so for a full allocation we need to reduce to $75K


Lucille discussed the chargers/battery backups for the SGP meeting. Lucille and Pierre will contact the SGs to determine if they would like to also order. Pierre has 5 SG already interested.


~ Break for Lunch ~


  1. New Business
    1. RTO Announcement (All)

Karim – raise to the AC that PIPSC should track the members’ concerns.

Stan - last AC meeting (Friday) the reactions ranged from disbelief to rage/anger. Letters are being sent by other Bargaining Agents (BA) to department heads and HR regarding the absurd policy being implemented by TBS. Wants a standard approach to each and every Dept. to make it clear we are standing strong with other BA to push back. The timing is inappropriate (before Christmas). CAPE’s letter is very long, detailing each and every area this action is violating.  Directors are upset because they have been caught off-guard. This action is contrary to GoC greening policies and childcare is impossible to find but the Deputy Minister is shrugging their shoulders and deflecting the issue to “your problem”. Implication is that we are not doing our work.

Tony – AFS (Doug Mason) has requested that the PIPSC EC permit the AFS Group to file a bad-faith bargaining complaint.

Yvonne - there should be a lot of consultation. Bring lunch and try not to use cafeterias, etc and boycott parking.

JP – Request a freeze on this policy. Bad faith complaint would only cover issues covered by the CA and bargaining potentials. The members need to see us doing something. Complaints from members are going to flood into the office (PIPSC).

Stan- what are other BA doing re: bad faith complaints – PSAC is filing.

Lucille – what are we doing? Maybe we should wait and collaborate with other unions.

Tony – The AFS bad faith complaint, even if denied, will be seen as us doing something because the anger they have now for the employer will very quickly turn against us if we are not seen as acting.

    1. Awards & Awards Committee (Tamara)

Presented an awards policy for review (in Reports folder) – this is a modification of the NCR document. Lists all awards and when awarded.

Stan - the Martine Léveillé award was presented posthumously – the intent was to re-present it to people who exemplified CS Stewardship

Robert – we need to raise the awareness of Martine so the award name has meaning – we need to take a decision to leave this plaque and create a new award for our CS Steward or members (named after perhaps Glenn Maxwell) but the memory of the person must be kept alive.

Rob – some awards require that the recipient be a steward (such as the Martine Léveillé award). We still need awards that we can present to non-stewards.

Stan – moving forward we need to improve the awareness of all the awards and resurrect the memories of Martine.

Tamara – should we rename the IT Group Service Award to the Martine Léveillé award so it is available to all members – not just stewards? Also, we should make this task a “portfolio” so it does not get lost again.

Yvonne – develop graphics for each award.

Robert – we need to develop a “bio” for Martine. Would like to recognize Glenn Maxwell – perhaps the Steward of the Year award named after him. Will volunteer with any others who would like to flush out Glenn’s bio, etc.

Tamara – the presented documents need to be flushed out.

Patricia – the big hole is getting the membership to make nominations.

Tony – we all need to review the document and make suggestions.

Stan – we never nominate our members for PIPSC awards and we need to correct that. We need to determine if this fits in an existing portfolio.

Rob – not in favour for a portfolio for just this, it should be a duty of an existing portfolio. Membership or VP are suggested.

Pierre – has seen a “binder” developed by Stacy McLaren where it lists the purpose and background to some of the Group awards.


ACTION ITEM (Pierre):  create a pdf for the awards binder and upload it to the IT Drive.


Stan – set it as VP duty and we need to do a lot of work before we can present at the AGM, etc.

Patricia – need to decide a timeline for presenting and calling for nominations. Should be part of duties.


    1. Environmental Policy from AC (Stan/Yvonne)

Yvonne - The AC Dec 10 – the SP Group presented a motion for an environmental policy. Group  presidents may only attend 1/3 of the Subgroup AGMs and should only send the regional rep when possible. Also recommends reuse of lanyards and elimination of single use plastics.



Be it resolved that PIPSC groups, and regions shall hold a minimum of two (2) of their executive meetings virtually each year commencing in 2023, and endeavor to make in-person meetings contiguous to another meeting.

Be it further resolved that the BOD will develop a robust environmental policy for the institute that will be ready for presentation at the 2023 PIPSC AGM.

The motion was split and the second half was carried. The first half is to be reviewed with the Group executives and addressed at a subsequent AC meeting.


Stan - Since we know how effective Zoom meetings are we should use Zoom more often. PIPSC should look into an environmental policy. Much discussion around full-day zoom meetings (timing,  time zones and burnout). Half-day virtual meetings are more effective. Agreed that we all needed direction from the national Group execs before commenting on this resolution. Expectation is that the resolution will come back with 1 virtual meeting per year.

Rob – supportive of the principle but it needs flexibility. Half-day meetings are a better option for our meetings – hard to sit all day in a zoom meeting.

Yvonne – when presented, was happy to see it there because we all talk a good game but never follow through. There is value in the motion. Since the pandemic we have all experienced virtual meetings and they have worked well – one virtual meeting a year should be doable for all.

Steven – Agrees with the proposition. Can get the tools from Sherbrooke University to calculate our carbon footprint.

Robert – agrees. The motion does not go far enough. If the intent is to reduce our carbon footprint, we need to do even more. 1/3 of subgroups can be visited per year – so every 3 years the Group President will visit your group. If we want to have an impact – we need to greatly reduce our travel. Let’s pull our heads out of the sand and support stronger sanctions and spread the good message; not to save money but to reduce the carbon footprint.

Tamara – we need to ensure that the Regions do not feel ignored – less visits would amplify this feeling. We need to make sure the message is consistent with our other positions: WFH and Zoom meetings.

Stan – Zoom creates inequality in time zones. The Subgroups appreciate visits from the Executive – especially when they travel to meet them. Let’s look at this from a practical perspective for all the people in the room.

Yvonne – we should set up a small committee to look at how we can reduce our Group’s carbon footprint and bring those recommendations back.

Karim – The Victoria Subgroup was very happy to see National Executives at their AGM. We have done L&L where Stan/Rob have attended virtually – that works too. Coordinate different events to save travelling.

Patricia – need to strike a balance to ensure the business of the Group gets done.

Stan – we do already reduce travel by grouping meetings together and meet several SG in a short period with the least amount of travel.

Yvonne – think about “what else can we do?”

Robert – we need to better choose where we visit – why attend a Subgroup meeting if we are holding a major meeting there in the near future (Group AGM or SGP meeting).

JP – perhaps we should apply this to bargaining as well – if the employer is not at the table in person, we should not be willing to negotiate, keep the playing field level.

Rob – the employer’s call for RTO has been discussed and our virtual meetings are not the same examples; but there are similarities. I am not appreciative of the statement that Stan’s travels are going where he wants to travel – he has rarely turned down an invite to a Subgroup AGM. Consider the roles that some people feel – they need to be mindful of the full circumstance.

Stan – I have tried to do more over the past few years. In the past we have done work-site visits. Not doing visits simply because he enjoys that area, in Quebec we usually send the VP to better speak to members. If invited, the president tries to go – some AGMs are attended virtually if cannot attend in person.

Robert – recognizes that the President does not waste time or resources when visiting a region – he spreads himself as thin as he can to get as much value as possible. We need to, however, reduce our overall footprint – do we need to visit a location if we are already holding a major event there?

Yvonne – if you have a suggestion for reducing our Carbon footprint, send them to Yvonne.


ACTION ITEM (All):  Submit any suggestions for reducing our carbon footprint to Yvonne for compilation.


Moved: Yvonne Snaddon   Seconded:  Pierre Touchette

That we hold a minimum of one virtual meeting annually.



    1. Report on Meeting with Catherine Luelo (Pierre)

The CIO of Canada wants to lead IT and the GoC as detailed in the presentation sent to all Executive members (email) Pierre linked the talk to many of our bargaining priorities. There are over 3K plus empty IT positions. Pierre was asked why Debi Daviau and Richard Beaule never got back to the TB on the essential positions.

Patricia – the presentation is well done but what are they going to be doing? Tangible?

Pierre- they have only expressed their intentions on Career Development and Training. Very broad statements.

Yvonne – very high level – can we press for more details and ask the CIOC or Lauren to present to the IT Executive?


    1. Cell & Internet (Yvonne)

Yvonne – The BoD has set a max reimbursement for cell & internet (Max amounts – Internet $85 or 50% Cell phone $75) to be paid directly by PIPSC via concur. Information to be sent to all constituent bodies after the next BoD meeting.

Laptops – to be provided to all const body presidents a single laptop.

See report

  1. Reports
    1. President (Stan) – in reports folder
    2. Vice-President (Pierre) – as reported on visibility. More DTA in NCR. 14 cases transferred from ERO in NCR. Rec’d 26 emails for the new logo and referred them to Bruno Lacel. Attended a meeting with Catherine Luelo, delivered promo. Request for IT mugs – many would need to order 200.
    3. Treasurer (Deb) – we still have LOTS of monies. Money decisions at the end of the meeting.
    4. Steering Committee & Secretary (Tony)


Moved: Deb Butler   Seconded: Stan Buday

THAT the group pays one night hotel for the Executive members not entitled to a room for December 18, 2022.

Carried (via email 5 Dec 2022)


    1. Bargaining (Rob/JP) as reported above
    2. NOC/ROC- Mobilization (Robert)      

The NOC Steering met last week – reviewed show colours, postcard campaign & SGP meeting

SYC – the participation rates are dropping so with less photos we did not post. Many members

do not have swag. Would members participate in “e-store” posted on our web site – use President’s New Years message to promote a form for members to fill out to request swag. Give us a home address, email, etc. and we can maintain a database etc.

Discussed visibility items that would spur this initiative – decided on toque …

Will invite every member and send those who subscribe – expect/plan for 2-3k members. Form: drop down for future swag suggestions.

Approx. $11 to $12 per toque. Times 2000 = $24,000

Patricia suggested to start with only 300 to start and follow up with the 2k the following round.

“Be Part of IT” contest …

Karim – use the SG to distribute the swag. 

Tony/Tamara – this may defeat the purpose of collection tombstone information.

Robert –Red Planet will send swag direct to members when requested.

Yvonne – start a spreadsheet with member info (membership).

Rob – Use the expression “while quantities last” … bulk to subgroups, not for this purpose but for other swag, etc. make available to SG but ask them to wait until after our promo.

Pierre – costing of shipping will be offset if order large enough.

Stan – can we cost out the shipping?

Pierre – quoted approx. $2 per envelope.


Moved: Robert Tellier             Seconded: Tamara Critch

THAT we increase the NOC budget by $10K for the ShowYourColours campaign swag and the items ordered will be as determined by the NOC Chair and the VP.



Robert – postcard campaign – logistics needs to be determined. No clear stats on last campaign

On-line petition: do we include IT Group or expand to all PIPSC members. Need min 500 signatures before an MP will sponsor but need much more (1-2K) – if we do it at PIPSC level, we lose control.

Decided to keep at Group level – the ask will be decided by the Executive & Bargaining Team. Rob Scott to present to the Barg Team and determine key messages.


ACTION ITEM (Rob):  Present NOC petition proposal to the Bargaining Team and determine a key message.


Robert – organize something around the SGP meeting in Victoria BC. Not a big expectation that we could get a lot of support from 179 Victoria members – organize a networking event instead of a visibility event.


    1. Communications (Tony) – Web page is kept current and submitted Executive Reports are posted.
    2. Subgroup Officer (Lucille)

Finance – requires an extra day at the SGP meeting to be entered as a new meeting with a business case to be approved by the EC.

Stan – costing $35,000 for extra day – includes day early, ½ day training and a possible Thursday activity at Butchart Gardens, Friday

Stan and Lucille to write up the business case before January.

Resolution F8 at 2009 AGM covers the carry over of funds.

Yvonne – could we include a Zoom link for the SGP meeting so SG VPs could attend virtually for succession planning? YES

Sent an email to membership (PIPSC) asking if we can we include NA members in closest the SG? Working with Membership to a solution for the NA members and Rands.

    1. Steward Officer (Steven)

6 new 61 renew 5 resigned since beginning of year

    1. Membership Officer (Patricia)

Rand drive in January. Strategic plan survey in the works. Looking at awards.

    1. Labour Relation & Consultation Officer & Contracting Out (Yvonne) report on drive.


ACTION ITEM (Yvonne):  Request an invite to the meeting where PIPSC is discussing the COAT grievances.


    1. ITYPC (Karim) – Covered above.
  1. Other business & Roundtable

Deb:  – Leaving Dec 27 for Florida. Due to changes in the phone infrastructure in the US, there will be no more free calls. If you need to contact, please email and Deb will call.

Yvonne:  Executive hospitality is $350 per year of term. Can we consider an increase?

Moved: Stan Buday   Seconded: Pierre Touchette

THAT the hospitality budget for Executive members be increased from $350 to $500 per year (July to June)



Moved: Deb Butler   Second: Stéphane Aubry

THAT we increase the budget by $69,650 as detailed:

  • NOC - $10,000
  • Visibility - $23,000
  • SGP Meeting - $35,000
  • Executive Hospitality - $1,650


  1. Next meeting:  17 February 2023

The Executive also agreed to a half-day virtual meeting to plan the SGP meeting: 27 January 2023

  1. Adjournment:

Moved: Patricia Williams   Seconded: Pierre Touchette

THAT the meeting adjourns at 17h38




  1. Present revise SG bylaw wording to the subgroups for adoption at their next AGM. Talk with PIPSC VP Sean O’Reilly to coordinate and implement. (Lucille)
  1. Send a request to Craig Bradley to add the Comms issues to a future AC agenda. (Stan)
  1. Forward Karim’s email on Comms issues to VP Eva Henshaw. (Stan)
  1. Review the SP timelines and if you need to update them, notify all exec that you have changed your timeline (All)
  1. Add SP Team reports to the next Executive meeting agenda. (Tony)
  1. Create a pdf for the awards binder and upload it to the IT Drive (Pierre)
  2. Submit any suggestions for reducing our carbon footprint to Yvonne for compilation. (Yvonne)
  1. Present NOC petition proposal to the Bargaining Team and determine a key message. (Rob S)
  1. Request an invite to the meeting where PIPSC is discussing the COAT grievances. (Yvonne)