To all proud IT Group members,

Your bargaining team met with the employer for the seventh session of negotiations from December 13 – 14, 2022. 

During this time, we discussed several different articles and re-evaluated our positions and priorities to move things forward. 

The team reaffirmed our steadfast position on Article 30 - Contracting Out, stating that we have no intention to consider the employer’s proposed changes that would weaken the language in this article. We also received costing details from the employer for the outstanding proposals. This information will be reviewed between sessions.

We agreed to the employer’s proposal on Article 12 – Designated Paid Holidays, where Truth & Reconciliation Day has been added to the list of designated paid holidays. A related article, 37.05 – Designated Holidays, was signed-off to adjust the calculation for part-time employees’ premium related to holiday pay. We agreed to the employer’s proposed changes to Article 14 – Leave, General that closes a loophole that could affect leave credits in rare cases.

The employer tabled a Memorandum of Agreement on the creation of an Interdepartmental Joint Consultation committee. This committee would consult on matters such as Training & Learning, Career Development, Career Pathways & Mobility, and Behavioural and Technical Competencies. The bargaining team will be reviewing this proposal between sessions.

There were no further discussions on pay at this session and we hope to hear back from the Treasury Board regarding our pay proposal at a subsequent session.

The announcement from the Treasury Board about the Return to the Office mandate has caused quite a stir and is a major topic of discussion right now. This is not an issue that we will be discussing at the IT Group bargaining table, but PIPSC is engaged in this through different channels. For the latest from PIPSC on this subject, please visit this webpage

Our next bargaining session will be held February 1–2, 2023. We have scheduled sessions for March and May as well.

Thank you for your continued support.

In solidarity,

Robert Scott
IT Group Bargaining Officer, PIPSC