In the latter part of 2020, the CS classification will become the IT classification.

We have been working with the Treasury Board to ensure the new Information Technology (IT) classification will reflect professional IT work and the current environment in which you work.

All current CS job descriptions will be assessed against the new IT job evaluation (classification) standard. Just like the CS, the new IT classification also has a five-level structure. We expect that most positions will maintain their level; for example a CS-01 will become an IT-01.

PIPSC will remain your representative. We are approved as the bargaining agent for the new IT classification.

Generic and unique job descriptions will be evaluated against the new IT job evaluation standard before the conversion is implemented. The Treasury Board will proceed with the conversion to the IT classification when job information and rates of pay are seamlessly integrated into the pay system.

Very few members will be affected by these changes. PIPSC has been consulting with the Treasury Board to minimize any disruption that could be caused by these changes:

  • Your salary will be protected in the unlikely event that the new salary of your position is at a lower level than what you currently receive. For example, if a CS-02 becomes an IT-01, the employee would be paid the same salary.
  • If you don’t meet the new IT Qualification Standard when the conversion takes effect, you will be accepted as having met the new minimum education standard for your position. After the conversion, as an indeterminate employee in the IT Group, you’ll also be considered as having met the qualification standard for any future IT position you might apply for.

The employer has produced a list of FAQs about specific occupational group changes and the IT Classification Standard. You will have access to these from your employer shortly if you do not already.

Union support:

  • we will be negotiating new pay rates and pay rules for the IT Group
  • we will train stewards to answer any questions you may have, to ensure a smooth transition during conversion
  • the CS Group Executive is planning Lunch and Learn presentations to share information about the conversion to the IT classification
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