CS Flash

December 2019

How we got here

The CS Bargaining process so far


  • JANUARY – Exchanged proposals
  • FEBRUARY – Presented CS Monetary Demands
  • APRIL – Presented Balance of CS Demands
  • MAY – Employer Presented Comprehensive Offer with Rollbacks
  • JUNE - Mediation - IMPASSE

What is a PIC?

After two parties have negotiated in good faith, but have reached an impasse, they may bring their issues before a Public Interest Commission (PIC). The PIC is a process to help the parties reach an agreement. A PIC is a hearing before a panel of three people; a chairperson appointed by the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board, one member appointed by the bargaining agent (PIPSC for the CS Group) and one member appointed by the employer (the Treasury Board). At the hearing, both the union and the employer submit briefs and explain their positions on the outstanding bargaining issues. Within 30-days after the hearing, the PIC will prepare and issue a report with recommendations for a settlement. The recommendations are not binding.

At this point, the CS Group Bargaining Team and the Employer will use the recommendation to return to the bargaining table. If the negotiations fail to secure an agreement, the members will have the opportunity to start job action if and only if: 1) the CS Group membership has participated in a strike vote, 2) the majority have voted in favour of strike action, and 3) the President of the Institute has given her approval for the strike.


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