Group Name Change


Effective December 2021, all CS members should have received an Official Personal Notification (OPN) advising them of their new classification Group and Level. The vast majority have been reclassified to the new Information Technology (IT) Occupational Group.

After consultation with our Subgroup Presidents, and listening to many of our members’ comments, the CS Group national executive adopted the following motion at their meeting on February 2, 2022:

Moved & Seconded:

THAT the CS Group formally adopt the new name of “IT Group.”

CARRIED unanimously


As we move forward, all references to the CS Group will gradually change to the IT Group and, while we will still be handing out CS Group visibility items, new IT Group visibility items will eventually follow.

A new Group logo will soon be developed following the PIPSC guidelines on visibility with input from our membership.


Tony Goddard

IT Group Secretary &

Communications Officer