June 8, 2019

2019 CS Elections Report

  1. The CS Group held its elections from May 7th to June 5th, 2019. For this occasion, an election committee was struck as follows:

President: Guy Abel
Member: Pierre Touchette
Member: Karim Chaggani

  1. The following positions were due to be filled by election:

1 President – 3 years term
5 Member-at-Large - 3 years term

  1. One application was registered for the position of President.

Stan Buday was elected by acclamation for a term of 3 years.

4. Ten (10) applications were registered for five (5) Member-at-Large positions.

One candidate was required to represent the Prairie/Northwest Territories region as per CS regulations

1.Robert Scott was elected by acclamation

The following persons were elected for a term of three (3) years:

2. Deborah Butler 981 votes

3.Eva Henshaw 937 votes

4.Patricia Williams 842 votes

5.Gordon Bulmer582 votes

The following candidates have not been elected:

  1. Greg Scriver 564 votes
  2. Michael Vincent 516 votes
  3. Dean Corda 515 votes
  4. Denis Caissy 480 votes
  5. Everett Scott 457 votes

5. The CS Elections Committee has not received any complaints.

6. The CS Group Election Committee on behalf of the CS Group Executive would like to thank all the candidates. We would also like to congratulate elected members of the 2019 CS Group election.

Guy Abel
2019 CS Group Election President
Email gabel.pipsc@gmail.com

guy abel photo