Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Deb Butler, Stacy McLaren, Patricia Williams, Rob Scott, Robert Tellier, Eva Henshaw, Lucille Shears*, Karim Chaggani*, Tony Goddard, Yvonne Snaddon, Gordon Bulmer


Staff:  Denise Doherty Delorme


1. Welcome

Stan called the meeting to order at 9 and welcomed the entire exec to the meeting.  A discussion of process for the next two days was had.

2. Adoption of Agenda

Moved by Gordon seconded by Robert carried

3. Approval of Minutes of Last meeting(s).

Moved by Gordon seconded by Stacy carried

4. Business Arising from the minutes/Action Items

  1. Welcome pamphlet for new CS members (Stacy/Yvonne)

On going

  1. Executive members on Bargaining Team to provide dates for the NOC ROC to plan information session

On going

  1. Follow up with Membership for new members lists (Stacy)


  1. Prepare a CS Flash about the Youtube channel (Tony)

Prepared ready for translation

  1. (Tony)

Tony to send to everyone and a practice session for everyone date to be determined

  1. Blue Jays yearbook (Yvonne)

Has been reviewed by PIPSC legal and the US vs CDN funds issue is an issue.  Deb to send 6k CDN to get them to move.

5. New business

  1. PIPSC Resolutions Discussion – Stacy

Please see final notes page on the Google drive

  1. Essential Services update – Pierre

Pierre gave an update on the current status and a review of the current overview spreadsheet.  We have some outstanding departments and meetings are planned for December with some of the outstanding departments to finalize their submissions.  ESDC is going to be a difficult case. 

Yvonne- action item to follow up with consultation presidents re essential services

  1. NOC ROC update – NOC CoChairs

Pierre gave a comprehensive update on the current status of the NOC. We are still a little behind but we are making some headway.  WE have a tentative coms plan and the PIC Action items list were reviewed

  1. Seats to the 2020 CLC Convention – Yvonne

45 for groups and consultation teams

14 seats to the regions  full details in the report on the Google drive.  The AC steering committee will determine the criteria for the selection delegates.

  1. Laptop Requests

Deb needs a new laptop - moved by Stacy seconded by Robert to allow the purchase of a new laptop up to the 1500$ limit - discussed - carried

Moved by Gordon seconded by Tony to allow Robert to purchase a mini projector up to 500$ discussed - carried

Moved by Prierre seconded by Gordon to allow Stan and Patricia to purchase a new laptop up to the 1500$ eash - discussed - carried

  1. Scholarship – Deb

Moved by Deb seconded stacey to give a one time 500$ scholarship donation to the legacy foundation - discussed -  carried

General discussion of the scholarship process and getting info on who wins the CS Scholarship.

  1. Bargaining sessions

Pic request gone to the board.  We are now in a waiting mode.  We have also agreed to non automatic cash out of vacation leave.  Looking to re work byte 12. 

  1. New Subgroup in Sydney - Rob

We have received the application for a new sub group in Sydney of about 20 members final boundaries are still in discussion

Moved by Rob seconded by Eva for the executive to accept the application for the creation of the new sub group in Sydney - discussed - carried

  1. Subgroup President’s meeting - Rob

To start a discussion on this.  Location and Dates

Round table discussion of timing for this and the AGM - timing needs to take into account NOC ROC and bargaining timing. February seems like the best time frame. Feb 22 first choice March 7th backup date with executive meeting before the meeting.  Note to include all members of the bargaining team at the SGP meeting. 

  1. CS Backpack winners - Tony

Anyone who received pictures of backpack winners please forward to Tony

  1. EWSP Review Team candidates

A new team is needed to review and be part of the roll out of the EWSP - group needs to put forward 2 names by Nov 19th.  After much discussion Eva was selected as our First choice with Robert as our second choice.


Round table discussion on the state of the AGM

  1. CS AGM

Round table discussion of dates for the CS AGM May 25 -26 planning meeting 22th exec meeting 23th CS AGM 

6. Executive reports/Activities d’executive

a. President (Stan) reports tabled

b. Vice-President (Pierre)

c. Treasurer / Trésorière (Deb)

d. Steering Committee/Secretary

e. Bargaining / Negotiations (Robert/Denise)

f. NOC/ROC- Mobilization (Pierre)

g. Communications (Tony)

h. Subgroup officer (Rob)

i. Steward officer (Patricia)

j. Membership Officer (Stacy)

k. Labour Relation & Consultation Officer (Yvonne)

l. Classification (Karim)

m. Contracting out Officer (Eva)

7. Other business/Roundtable

8. Next meeting



  • Yvonne- action item to follow up with consultation presidents re essential services