CS Group Executive Meeting

Min of meeting Thursday, June 8, 2017

Attendance (*regrets)

Stan Buday

Pierre A. Touchette

J. Gordon Bulmer

Deborah Butler

Lucille Shears

Robert Tellier

Karim Chaggani

Robert B. Scott

Stacy L. McLaren

Eva V. Henshaw

Dean Corda

Guy Abel

Denis Caissy

Guest - Kieth Lang

  1. Welcome
    • Stan called the meeting to order at 9:10 - welcomed everyone.
  1. Adoption of Agenda
    • Stacy seconded by Denis discussed carried
  1. Approval of previous minutes     
    • Guy seconded by Karim discussed amended carried
  1. Business Arising/Action Items
    • reviewed

5.         New business

    • Portfolios
    • Ratification Update
    • New Portfolio “Contract Officer”
    • Group Anniversary

6.         Exec reports/Activities -

a. President (S. Buday) on the Google drive

b. VicePresident (P.Touchette) on the google drive

c. Treasurer / Trésorière (D. Butler)

d. Bargaining / Negotiations (R.Tellier/D.Doherty Delorme)

e. NOC/ROC & Mobilization (Stacy)

f. Communications (Karim) report on the google -

g. SubGroup officer (R.Scott) report on the google

h. Steward officer (L.Shears)  verbal report under new business 

i. Membership Officer (S.McLaren)

j. Labour Relation & Consultation Officer (Dean) - report on the google

k. Classification (Eva) - no changes since our last meeting -

l. Strike Officer (Deb Butler) -

7. Standing Items

a. Sub Group Communications .

8. Roundtable

9. Forward Meetings

a. TBD

b. Forward meeting and Teleconference dates


Stan called for a motion to adjourn at  carried