16 November 2017



  • Stan Buday
  • Karim Chaggani
  • Rob Scott
  • Pierre Touchette
  • Dean Corda
  • Guy Abel
  • Deb Butler
  • Robert Tellier
  • Denis Caissy
  • Stacy McLaren
  • Eva Henshaw
  • Lucille Shears


  • Denise Doherty-Delorme




  • Gordon Bulmer

1. Call to Order: 9:31


2. Approval of Agenda – Moved by: Stacy/Seconded: Robert Carried as amended


  • Sherbrooke Subgroup Rescue,
  • EWSP
  • 2018 Agenda/Calendar
  • TBS CIO discussion
  • Promo Items
  • PRQC(Thomas Landry)
  • Marriott situation

3. Approval of Minutes - Moved by Stacy, Second by Robert

  • Sept 22 - Carried
  • Oct 23 - Carried


4. Business Arising

Note:  For those that have action items, an email will be sent one week prior to a meeting.

Dean did not get on the agenda for the WGC.  Has time at the next WGC on the agenda

Stacy to send email to executives with action items (one week prior)


5a AGM Resolutions
In the afternoon – notes on separate spreadsheet

5b Survey – Bargaining route (Strike vs Arbitration)

  • Motion to go in to closed session: Robert/Eva Carried
  • Moved out of closed session Pierre / Guy

5c Physical Copies of the CA

  • The new CA book is not correct and Denise had a meeting with another person on the file.  Denise arranged to have changes to formatting done but those formatting changes have been done.
  • TBS doesn’t care about the formatting change and that the departments are responsible for preparing the booklets for the CA.
  • Can a policy grievance.  It should 
  • Emails have been sent to the HR in SSC for hard copies and they do not have any idea how to respond
  • ESDC has already offered copies to the stewards.
  • TBS has said that the printers no longer print these collective agreement hard copies.

Motion: That a policy grievance be drafted against TBS in respect to the hard copies of the Collective agreement being provided by the Employer.  Moved by Eva, Seconded by Robert.
Amended to add: And that the formatting and isbn be updated by Denise Doherty-Delorme prior to printing/providing of the CA. Moved by Guy/seconded by Stacy  
Carried as amended.

Denise: to provide grievance language to whole executive for their information and grievance wording

Eva and Robert Tellier to be point people for providing feedback.

5d Subgroup President’s meeting planning

  • Key things we want to figure out is:
    • Date Tabled to Agenda item 5k
    • Location
    • Major topics
  • Discussion on when to have it was done Nov 15 and decided that we have it sooner rather than later.
  • Contracting out action plan and NOC discussion be done at the meeting.
  • Planning should include people that are planning topic presentations at the meeting.  NOC steering to participate in setting agenda for the meeting.
  • Planning can be done via teleconference.
  • A poll of Subgroup presidents for what they might want to see happen at the subgroup presidents meeting.
  • Suggestion that the contract proposal committee be tied to the Subgroup president’s meeting.

Rob Scott: send out request for suggestion to executive and arrange for teleconference with Gordon (NOC chair) to plan event.

5e Website Domain Name registration
Currently the English site of the CS Group is no longer registered to the CS Group.  
The email address is no longer available.  
It will take 3 months to reclaim the site.  Maybe this should be a sign that the site be gotten rid of.
Problem solution is that a new bilingual domain be gotten and registered rather than have two separate websites.  Cost might be $163 dollars to register the site.  
We really need to gather the archived information that is on the current website to have archived on new site.  
Another suggestion also be that we put the CS website on the PIPSC servers.
Motion:  To quickly register a new CS Domain name to get us back online for up to $200. Moved by Robert Second by Denis. Carried

Robert T / Denis: look into registering the new CS domain name.

5f CS Mobile App
Guy made a presentation on the CS mobile app he has developed.
Guy will be providing numbers via email to Stacy

5g Motion to subscribe to Liberté Magazine
Tabled to conference call

5h CS AGM Networking / Gaming
Biggest thing is that we need to know is what we are going to be doing for the networking event and what is needed for a facility for the evening event.
Mandate to Guy was to provide ideas based on what the room was like.  Latest is that there is no dedicated room for the networking.  Guy is sharing a link to his document on the Drive. He is okay with a suite and using gaming machines. We are going to go with the suites only.
Lucille has a document on the Drive including the call for delegates, please review and provide feedback.  ACTION: Deadline for submission to Lucille is December 8. 
Proposed agenda should be out by mid-January. ACTION: Lucille to work on draft agenda, will share and seek feedback.
March 30 deadline for applications.
ACTION: Lucille to contact Linda for online application form.
MOTION: Request PIPSC to send Linda Rochefort to the meeting in Toronto for admin support.
Moved: Lucille Shears
Seconded: Pierre Touchette
Linda will provide a deadline for reports that are due for this event.

Executive: Provide feedback on call for delegates found on Drive.

Lucille: Work on Draft agenda for CS AGM, share and seek feedback from Executive

5i Sherbrooke Subgroup Rescue

In closed session    

5k 2018 Agenda / Calendar of events
Calendar to be added as Appendix A to these minutes.    

5l TBS CIO documents discussion
Tabled to a conference call

Schedule tbd

5m Promo items

5n PRQC (Thomas Landry)
Thomas Landry gave presentation to the Executive on PRQC.

5o Marriott Situation

6. Portfolio Reports

President –Stan

Vice President -Pierre

Treasurer - Deb

Bargaining Officer- Robert Tellier

Noc Roc Officer -Gordon

Communications Officer - Denis

Sub Group Officer-Rob Scott

Steward Officer-Guy

Membership Officer -Lucille

Labour relations Officer -Dean

Classification Officer -Karim

Contracting out Officer - Eva

7. Standing items

7a Subgroup Communications
Reviewed questions from Subgroups.

8. Round table

Next meeting –
Adjournment –