July 15 2020 / 6:30 pm / by phone and zoom


Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Deb Butler, Stacy McLaren, Patricia Williams, Rob Scott, Robert Tellier, Eva Henshaw, Lucille Shears, Karim Chaggani, Tony Goddard, Yvonne Snaddon, Gordon Bulmer


Staff:  Denise Doherty Delorme


1. Welcome

Stan called the meeting to order at 6:38 and welcomed the entire exec to the meeting. 

2. Adoption of Agenda

Moved by Gordon seconded Rob by carried

3. Approval of Minutes of Last meeting(s).

Moved by Yvonne seconded Stacy by carried

4. Business Arising from the minutes

  1. ACTION: Stacy will put together a communication for members to advise them of the restrictions and process around the handling of resolutions. Ongoing
  2. ACTION:  Executive members to provide concerns around the virtual AGM to Stacy.  Stan to share our concerns with the other Group Presidents.
  3. CS AGM - on hold
  4. PIPSC AGM - still no timeline for notice to members etc

5. New business

  1. 2021 Budget (Deb) - Budget documents are available on Google, tabled by Deb for questions from the executive.  Deb will ask pipcs finance the process to get the budget approved without a group AGM.
  2. SWAG (going forward, do we have a plan for the rest of the year?) - Patricia brought up the topic for consideration.  Pierre discussed a number of items and this item should be a larger discussion as part of our planning meeting when we have the chance to hold it.  We do need more steward shirts for new stewards.  Wide discussion of various t-shirt options.  Any suggestions should be sent to the exec for discussion.  Two plans seem to be needed an ongoing virtual visibility plan and one for when business gets back to a more normal work environment.
  3. Workload, is there any tasks/jobs that need to be done? - Patricia raised the topic for discussion 
  4. Status of Steward Training (Gordon) - Patricia - Gordon gave an update on the status of online steward training
  5. PIC Status (Denise/Stan) - Patricia - details under bargaining

6. Executive reports/Activities d’executive

A. President (Stan) - Short verbal report of current situation

b. Vice-President (Pierre) - detailed verbal report on a number of topics Pierre has been involved in

c. Treasurer / Trésorière (Deb) - budget tabled

d. Steering Committee/Secretary - none

e. Bargaining / Negotiations (Robert/Denise) - Denise gave an update on the ongoing confusion with regard to contracting out grievances and TB.  TB really pushing on the 3 year deal and no extra money. 

f. NOC/ROC- Mobilization (Pierre) - short verbal report - everyone who has provided an update must provide Stacy with the details asap.

g. Communications (Tony) - on the google drive

h. Subgroup officer (Rob) - no report.

i. Steward officer (Patricia) - short verbal report.

j. Membership Officer (Stacy) - short verbal report

k. Labour Relation & Consultation Officer (Yvonne) - verbal report given

l. Classification (Karim/Lucille) - no report.

m. Contracting out Officer (Eva) - verbal Report - anyone interested in helping with reports should contact Eva


7. Other business/Roundtable


8. Next meeting

  • Executive meeting August 10 6:30 est