December 22 2020 / 3:00 pm / by phone and zoom


Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Deb Butler, Stacy McLaren, Patricia Williams, Rob Scott, Robert Tellier, Eva Henshaw, Lucille Shears, Karim Chaggani, Tony Goddard, Yvonne Snaddon, Gordon Bulmer


Staff:  Jean-Paul Leduc,


1. Welcome

Stan called the meeting to order at 3:10 and welcomed the exec to the meeting. 

2. Adoption of Agenda

Moved by Gordon seconded by Pierre - carried

3. Approval of Minutes of Last meeting(s).

Moved by Gordon seconded by Tony - carried

4. Business Arising from the minute

  1. Bargaining update - IT was not able to provide any metrics around the vote, JP will discuss with staff to see what is possible in the future and how to request.  JP outlined the current timeline and processes the next important date is the official signature and starts the countdown on the 180 days.   JP also asked how to set up the next bargaining team.  Robert recommends to the executive that a bargaining officer for the next round needs to be selected very soon.
  2. Group Website - still ongoing more in the new year.
  3. PIPSC AGM part II - April 10th - comments thoughts and suggestions on the virtual AGM please send to Pat and she will compile for our discussion and to be forwarded to the AGM organizing committee. 

5. New business

  1. Exclusions - JP asked who on the executive should be part of the conversation with regard to member exclusions the current process of consulting with the VP and the departments consultation lead on TB requests for exclusions. 
  2. CS Elections - Rob has requested the call for nominations to go out Jan 9th VP and 6 members at large positions are up; the deadline is March 10th.

6. Executive reports/Activities d’executive

A. President (Stan) - short verbal report on the presidents activities

b. Vice-President (Pierre) - short verbal report

c. Treasurer / Trésorière (Deb) - Nothing extra

d. Steering Committee/Secretary - no

e. Bargaining / Negotiations (Robert/Denise) -

f. NOC/ROC- Mobilization (Pierre) - short verbal report

g. Communications (Tony) - the struggle goes on and on

h. Subgroup officer (Rob) - RCPM subgroup still under discussion

i. Steward officer (Patricia) - renewals all approved

j. Membership Officer (Stacy) - no report

k. Labour Relation & Consultation Officer (Yvonne) -  no report

l. Classification (Karim/Lucille) - report on the google

m. Contracting out Officer (Eva) - verbal report on the current status


7. Other business/Roundtable

  1. Food bank donations - Board voted to allow CB’s to make a donation of up to 2000 to food banks.  Discussed no decision

8. Next meeting

  • Jan 19th 1pm