In attendance:  Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Deb Butler, Stacy McLaren, Patricia Williams, Rob Scott, Robert Tellier, Eva Henshaw, Lucille Shears, Karim Chaggani, Tony Goddard, Yvonne Snaddon

Regrets:  Gordon Bulmer

Staff:  Denise Doherty Delorme

Agenda Item


Action Items


Stan welcomed everyone and thanked them for the previous strategic planning meeting and all the hard work done there.  He also said that he would be a bit more formal at the executive meeting.


Adoption of the agenda


S/ Deb

Carried as amended



Blue Jays Yearbook

Claim from Observer for CS AGM

Essential Services

Portfolio Assignments


Adoption of the minutes




Minutes from June meeting.



Business arising from the minutes

a. Stan to provide information re Full time president for two weeks before Strategic Planning meeting – Stan provided a verbal report on his time.  And there was a fulsome discussion

b. Welcome pamphlet for new CS members (Stacy) – Done and other Pamphlet done as well - ongoing

c. IT Classification video – June 19th (Eva and Pierre)  -Done

d. Executive members on Bargaining Team to provide dates for the NOC ROC to plan information sessions

Stacy - follow up with Membership at PIPSC for list of new members


Tony-to prepare a CS Flash about the Youtube channel.

New Business

Moved to bargaining @10:50


Professionals Canada

It was brought up that we should discuss where we are and how the members of the CS Executive feel about Professionals Canada.

It was noted that two questions were brought to the board which were deemed to be premature.

There is still a lot of unease for members with Professionals Canada.

Stan who was on the taskforce gave an overview of steps that have been taken to date and his opinions of the process as well.  Had a long discussion and it was moved to table to a teleconference


CS to IT classification Flash

We discussed that flashes are for quick, brief bit of information.  It is believed that this is too big of a subject for a flash.


Resolutions re Finance Committee

Resolutions were submitted about friends of the finance.  The executive was received about the constituent bodies could cover the cost for friends of the finance committee.  We also submitted a resolution to reverse the decision to remove the friends of the finance committee.

Context was given by Deb who was a friend of the committee.

Also discussed was the resolution submitted by Eva and Gordon about Elections policy that is sponsored by the Executive. subscription

Motion to purchase a subscription to software to have virtual meetings for the infosessions.  Moved by Tony Second by Stacy


Discussion and there was an ask for using the webex that PIPSC has, we were informed that it would cost us to use PIPSC subscription.


Promo items for AGM

Stacy brought up items for the PIPSC AGM promotional items for the CS Group.  Suggested promotional items that were brought up were wireless charge pad, multitools, first aid kits.  Other suggestions were offered as well by Pierre with socks suggested.

Final decision for the AGM was the multitools


Discussion on Youtube comments reviewing

Discussion was held about who is reviewing the comments on


Was successful for the most part however there were logistic issues that happened with our promotional items. 

Suggestion that the CS AGM be held earlier than June. This allows for our strategic meeting be held earlier which can help with new members of the executive and new portfolio officers.

b.  Claim from observer for CS AGM – Issue.  Motion to move into closed Session:  Moved by Deb second by Stacy Carried.

Stacy to contact hotels on Ottawa side to inquire for dates in April/May for CS AGM

Blue Jay Yearbook

Motion by Rob Scott Second by Stan

that our treasurer make reasonable effort to contact the Blue Jays to discuss the fact that the funds were not indicated to be paid in Canadian funds as quoted but if not able to, then full cost will be paid in US Funds will be paid if not able to pay in CAD. Carried


Essential Services update

Pierre provided an update on essential services.


Portfolio Report



Deb Butler



Subgroup Officer

Rob Scott

Steward Officer

Patricia Williams

Membership Officer

Stacy McLaren

NOC Chair

Pierre Touchette

Classification Officer

Karim Chaggani

Alternate: Lucille Shears

Communication Officer

Tony Goddard

Bargaining Officer

Robert Tellier

Labour relations / Consultation Officer

Yvonne Snaddon

Contracting out Officer

Eva Henshaw

Job Action Officer

Deb Butler



Executive Reports

Tabled to teleconference



Stan gave a report of his activities since the AGM.


Vice President




Budget report and Treasurer’s report was provided to the executive.


Steering Committee

Motion was made and approved that the NCR people interested in staying the Saturday night to take part in the Saturday night event.



  1.  Bargaining

Motion to go into closed session M/Robert S/Eva Carried

Recording paused at this time.








Sub Group officer



Steward officer






Labour Relations






Contracting out



Other Business/Round Table

Comment was made that under Better together /Collective bargaining and that there is a link to read about a group’s status.  Once you click on the link, and there is nothing there and what is there is not correct.

Also there was mention of a promotional item (car sunshade) that is a good idea. 

Dean will be working with Yvonne for the knowledge transfer for the Consultation portfolio

Yvonne wants to organize either a Photo op or solidarity walk for the PIPSC AGM.