CS Executive Meeting
11 October 2022, 13h00 to 16h00 (Eastern time)Via: Zoom
Cvent ID:L6NSF7QQ62Z


Present: Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Tony Goddard, Yvonne Snaddon, Steven Fréchette, Rob Scott, Deb Butler, Lucille Shears, Karim Chaggani, Patricia Williams, Stéphane Aubry, Tamara Critch, Robert Tellier

Staff: Josianne Drouin – Researcher

Regrets: Jean-Paul Leduc – Negotiator

  1. Welcome: Tony called the meeting to Order at 13h11.


  1. Adoption of Agenda:

Moved: Tony Goddard                       Seconded: Yvonne Snaddon

THAT the Agenda be adopted as amended.            



  1. Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting(s):

Moved: Tony Goddard                       Seconded: Steven Fréchette

THAT the minutes of 26 July 2022 be approved as presented.       



  1. Standing Items:
    1. PIPSC AGM Visibility Items (Pierre Touchette)

Pierre reported that he has almost depleted our stock of “old” CS Group visibility items (coffee mugs, TUIF T-shirts, pens & umbrellas) by distributing them to NCR subgroups. He has already received 1000 bandanas, 100 desk flags and 25 leather journals. Currently on order and expected in time for the PIPSC AGM are 250 chair covers, 4 printed table cloths, 100 black IT-TI polo shirts, 100 yellow IT-TI polo shirts and 100 steward shirts. We will distribute the shirts at the PIPSC AGM.

Pierre is still waiting for suggestions from the Group Executive for other promotional items and is discussing what may be available right now from the various suppliers. He reminded us that the wait times are very long due to supply chain issues and that prices have risen dramatically.


ACTION ITEM (All Executive): Send suggestions for visibility items to Pierre ASAP.


  1. PIPSC AGM (Patricia Williams)

Patricia reported that registration is going well and that all 84 delegate positions have been filled. There are very few people remaining on the wait list (4 or less).

Stéphane suggested that IF there is a virtual option at the AGM, we should offer observer status to the remaining applicants. Tony pointed out that in-person attendance would not be an option since there is already a shortage of seats in the AGM meeting room. Upon investigating the PIPSC website, Stéphane discovered that the meeting is being held “in-person” only – no hybrid option.

Stan has received confirmation for our Executive Meeting room and our Delegate Meeting room. He has also been informed that a separate suite has been book for hospitality and visibility item storage. Stan has requested that our hospitality suite not be advertised this year.

Yvonne asked if there would be a NOC/ROC meeting on the Saturday night.

Tamara & Rob pointed out that we are holding a NOC/ROC event on October 14th and questioned whether there would be any benefit to hosting another event so soon.

Stan said he would check the delegate list for NOC/ROC members and also canvas them at the October 14th event then decide whether we should proceed.

Stan requested that the executive members attend as many of our events as possible to network with the IT members. He also pointed out that it should not be the responsibility of the same few executives to support every event.


ACTION ITEM (Stan): Compare the delegates list with our NOC/ROC members and canvas them at the October 14th event then decide whether the NOC/ROC needs to meet after the PIPSC AGM


JP suggested creating a spread sheet with events and times and each executive could indicate when they would be willing to participate. Patricia won the arm wrestle competition with Rob to determine who would create and post the Exec Volunteer Spreadsheet.


ACTION ITEM (Patricia): Create and post the Exec Volunteer Spreadsheet.


  1. New Business:
  1. Talent Platform Update (Yvonne Snaddon)
    provided a detailed report on the Talent Platform initiative. We are still attending bi-weekly meetings and the OCIO is talking about widening the scope. We have made it very clear that nothing presented will change the direction of our Bargaining Team and their efforts. See reports here.


  1. Press Release: Contracting Out (Yvonne Snaddon)

Yvonne recapped the bargaining session when the Contracting Out numbers were presented and President Jenn Carr was present. At the conclusion, President Carr asked us for a press release. The included report outlines the process and points used to make the decision to put the press release on hold until after the first 8 grievances completed the mediation process. 


  1. Dates & Locations for SGP & AGM (Tony Goddard)

Tony & JP started the discussion by pointing out that the AA has been looking for a decision on dates and locations since hotels are booking up fast. It was decided to send the following dates and locations to our AA (Linda):


  1. Subgroup Presidents’ Meeting:
    1. Friday, 31 March 2023 – IT Group Executive Meeting
    2. Saturday, 1 April 2023 – IT Subgroup Presidents’ Meeting

Potential Locations:

      1. Victoria, BC
      2. St John’s, NL
      3. Edmonton, AB
  1. IT Group AGM:
    1. Friday, 2 June 2023 – IT Group Executive Meeting
    2. Saturday, 3 June 2023 – IT Group AGM

Potential Locations:

  1. Kingston, ON
  2. Toronto, ON
  3. Ottawa, ON (Delta?)
  4. Gatineau, QC (Hilton?)


  1. Dissolution of the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) IT Subgroup (Pierre Touchette)

Pierre presented the email exchange between himself and members of the GAC IT Subgroup where he received support for dissolving the GAC IT Subgroup and redistributing the existing members to the various NCR geographical IT Subgroups.



Moved by: Pierre Touchette              Seconded by: Tony Goddard

THAT we recommend to the PIPSC Executive Committee (EC) that the GAC IT Subgroup be dissolved.



There was a lengthy discussion and debate around this action with several suggestions for further, possibly duplicated, actions to be taken before the IT Group votes on this item. It was finally decided, with a clear majority vote, that the recommendation would be sent to the EC. However, one final letter shall be composed and sent to all IT members in this subgroup, describing the decision made and what will result from this decision. This was seen as one last chance for members to step forward to save this subgroup. The letter will be drafted by Stan, vetted by the full executive and signed by both the President and the Subgroup Officer.


It was also decided that the letter sent will be archived as a template in the event that we ever need to complete this process again in the future.


  1. Strategic Planning (Yvonne Snaddon)

Yvonne reported that the group she was in has completed their review of the strategic planning items assigned to them and drafted a tracking spreadsheet for the other groups to review and update: 2021-2024 IT Group Priorities-Tasks


  1. Roundtable:

Deb Butler: The budget has been updated and is posted in the meeting Reports folder.

Karim Chaggani: A callout letter will be sent shortly for the ITYPC.


  1. Next Meeting(s):
    1. PIPSC AGM Resolutions Review (2-hour virtual meeting) – please complete the Doodle.
    2. IT Group Executive Meeting, 17 November 2023, Montreal, QC
  2. Adjournment:

The chair declared the agenda complete and adjourned the meeting at 16h21.




Summary of Action Items

  1. Send suggestions for visibility items to Pierre ASAP. (All)
  2. Compare the delegates list with our NOC/ROC members and canvas them at the October 14th event then decide whether the NOC/ROC needs to meet after the PIPSC AGM. (Stan)
  3. Create and post the Exec Volunteer Spreadsheet. (Patricia)