Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Deb Butler, Stacy McLaren, Tony Goddard, Eva Henshaw, Steven Frechette, Lucille Shears, Rob Scott, Yvonne Snaddon, Karim Chaggani, Jean Paul Leduc (Staff)


Gordon Bulmer, Patricia Williams

Agenda Item:


Adoption of the agenda

Moved by Stacy, Seconded by Tony.  Disposition:  Carried

Adoption of the minutes

October 7 minutes:  Moved by Stacy, second by Yvonne.  Disposition: Carried

October 14 minutes:  Moved by Stacy, second by Eva.   Disposition: Carried

Business arising

No business arising

Standing Agenda items

Bargaining Update

Nov 18 and 19 – Bargaining training with the Bargaining team and Executive.  Training will be at Montebello.


Bargaining Prep Dec 1 and 2 with bargaining team and executive in Ottawa. 


Bargaining and Subgroup President’s meeting Jan 12 and 13 Bargaining, Jan 14 and 15 for the subgroup president’s meeting.  These meetings will be in Montreal.

Strategic Planning Update

Teams haven’t had a chance to meet so we need to meet.  Suggest that the teams meet before the meeting in Dec since it will be an integral part of our SG president’s meeting.

Suggested we set the date for all teams to meet for a half day to finish up the discussion.  The question was raised to have us arrive before meeting on Nov 18 and 19 bargaining training.  The logistics would be difficult so it would be better to do it by Zoom outside of those days. 

These meetings need to happen so that the team leads will not be left with doing all the work.

Rob’s team:  Deb, Tony and Karim:  Afternoon on Oct 28

Eva’s Team:  Eva, Gordon, Patricia and Pierre:  Nov 2

Yvonne’s Team:  Steven, Stacy and Lucille:  Oct 25 1-4


New Business



Done and resolution dispositions in google drive.




All CS applicants will be delegates and there is no waiting list.

Caucus Meeting

Email sent to Linda to set up the caucus meeting for Nov 4 at 7-9 pm EST

Promotional Items for delegates

Motion:  Moved by Deb Second by Pierre that $50 gift certificates be purchased for the CS delegates to the PIPSC AGM   Carried

PIPSC Election

Reaching out to activists to get out the vote.

SubGroup President’s meeting

Is scheduled for January 14/15 in Montreal – Approved to be in conjunction with bargaining prep in January.

Planning for events like this we need to develop a standard operating procedure so the hiccups that have been happening will be smoothed out.

A draft agenda will be prepared and sent out to the executive for input. 

Suggestion to have a bit of training on telework contacts for engaging members.

Future Meetings

We need to decide our future meetings well in advance.  Suggestion to plan for Feb, and at December meeting, can plan for meetings up to the CS AGM.

Also have to plan to select an Elections committee for the election year.

Discussed meeting dates for bargaining, mobilization and future events dates.


February dates suggested for bargaining – tentatively for 8,9 10 or 14, 15 and 17th Feb.  Tentative Executive meetings on 11 or 18th and NOC either 10th or 17th Feb.

March dates suggested – tentative 15, 16 and 17 of March or the 29, 30 and 31 of March with Executive on the Fridays and the NOC on either the 17 or 31 March.

IT Group branding/logo contest

Tabled to the next meeting

Executive Reports

Lucille Subgroup – verbal report - planning for SG Pres meeting

Rob Bargaining – Report on the drive and in bargaining update above

Pierre VP – Working on Exclusions with JP Leduc.  No news on essential services

Tony – Communications – New bargaining page to be created on CS Website once we start sending out information re bargaining.

Deb – Treasurer – no real report – approximately $115 000 in the bank. 

Yvonne – Labour relations – WG or AC – discussed the vaccine mandate.  Chris Roach was re-elected as AC Director.

Karim – Classification IT conversion, there is nothing substantial to report

Stacy – Secretary, minutes done.  NOC – To discuss plans at the Dec 3 meeting.

Eva – Contracting out Surpassed 2000 policy grievances.

Other Business

Interdepartmental committee discussion- will we be having a meeting to discuss who will be sitting at the table which could affect bargaining as well as consultation.

JP brought up a presentation about Navigar.  Will be brought to a future meeting.  This is the Future Skills Canada project.

Gift for Gordon.  Purchased a gift certificate and iPad stand.  Total cost $86.15.  Suggestion the group reimburse Stacy for the costs but going forward, will have to discuss SOP from now on for these purchases.

Next Meeting

Caucus Meeting – Nov 4

Executive - Dec 3rd


Meeting adjourned:  4:55