Stan Buday, Deb Butler, Stacy McLaren, Tony Goddard, Eva Henshaw, Steven Frechette, Lucille Shears, Rob Scott, Yvonne Snaddon, Karim Chaggani, Jean Paul Leduc (Staff)


Gordon Bulmer, Patricia Williams

Agenda Item:



Meeting called to order:  4:40 PM

Meeting dates


Subgroup Presidents meeting

Stan called the meeting to order.


This week has been trying as we are trying to get things done.  We tried to get New Brunswick done by Atlantic, not doable, Montreal is too busy so not doable.


Issues are that Cvent is too difficult to use to get the work done for the subgroup president’s meeting in time for the 17th- 20 Nov.  Also, that everyone is asking for meeting and it is difficult to do for staff.


There is no sense of priority so it seems like it is more first come first serve.  With the CS group going into bargaining, there should be more of a priority for getting this meeting together and done.


The business case was submitted and we have lobbied members of EC and it seems that the tail is wagging the dog meaning that our timelines seem to be secondary to the organization. 


Once Cvent is set up, it should be easier.


There are still some options to have the meeting.  We need to rethink; we need to look at other options to get this meeting done.


At this stage, the SG president’s meeting in NB.  We can still have the bargaining training.  The suggestion is that we have the bargaining training in Ottawa and suggestion instead of the Delta, maybe to have it at Montebello or Wakefield. 


The other meetings scheduled will still happen in Dec 1-3.


The SG President meeting should be held in advance of bargaining so the suggestion is that the meeting be held


Remove the 11 of Jan and then have the subgroup president’s meeting would on the 14 and 15 Jan.  Suggest if we do this, we could have the event in Montreal.  It fits into the timelines.


Also, we would like to have to discuss route of how we will bargain.  Suggestion is that we have a half day of Zoom meeting with SG Presidents during Dec dates to discuss route.


Questions were raised by executive members.  Talking about timelines and when we need to decide when we are going to have these events.  We have to decide which days in November for the event. 


Suggest that we make plans for Nov 17-18 but otherwise the 19th-20th.  Suggestion that we look at the availability of either Wakefield or Montebello and based on what information we get, we can vote secretarially.


Meeting adjourned:  8:20