Bargaining Update


To all Proud CS,

Have you missed us? Here we are in bargaining mode again…

On December 21, 2018 your current collective agreement will expire. In preparation for this event, your Group Executive hosted a Bargaining Proposals meeting on March 15-16. Participants at the meeting came from a selection of applicants from across the Country. Over a two-day period we discussed our achievements from the last round, updating current language as well as new proposals. At that meeting we had the opportunity to review preliminary results of the Bargaining Survey that you completed in February. We would like to thank you for your interest in completing the survey, it will be used to build a foundation for the Bargaining Team’s priorities and language.

May 7, 2018

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On May 1 and 2, the Executive met to continue the work on the proposals that came out of the Bargaining Proposals Committee meeting. PIPSC Research gave a presentation on the survey results which included some more details than were available for the March meeting. It is clear that Contracting Out remains a top priority of members.

Since September 2017, the Group has been in negotiations with the Employer on the Employee Wellness Support Program. Updates on this topic will continue to be available on the PIPSC website here; Currently, presentations are being offered for workplaces. Please contact your local Steward to find out more.

In the next few months, the Bargaining Team will be appointed and provided in-depth training on the bargaining process. The Team composition will be announced at the CS Group AGM on June 9. The Team will get together during the summer to complete our priorities and proposals document. Please watch for a survey coming in September on your choice of dispute resolution mechanism should we not attain agreement at the Bargaining table. As a reminder, we must provide a Notice to Bargain to the Employer before the expiration date.

Your continued support is critical in showing the Employer that your collective agreement is something that you value. The CS Group Executive will continue our efforts from the last round by mobilizing members and engaging Canadians about the importance of keeping our work within the public sphere and not under the control of the private sector. You work in the public interest and not for private profit.

Proudly CS,

Robert Tellier
CS Group Bargaining Officer