Bargaining Update

January 30, 2019

Message from the CS Group Bargaining Officer,

To the Treasury Board representatives, members of the CS bargaining team, proud members of the CS Group;

Here we are together again at the bargaining table. For some of us this is a return and for others it is the beginning of a new experience. In any case, it is a serious commitment to represent CS Group members collectively in the form of bargaining, by promoting the rights and interests of members and by vigorously safeguarding professional standards.

As in the past, the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada and the CS Group are represented by a team of professional stewards and a negotiator who are committed to the community. It goes without saying that all members of the team have the full confidence of the Institute. Together with the Institute’s staff, we will make every possible effort to reach a fair and equitable agreement. I invite CS members and employer representatives to recognize the sacrifices to our families and our work teams when we are invested with such responsibilities on both sides of the table.


In the coming months, you will witness sustained efforts from the CS Bargaining team. These efforts serve only one goal: to meet the expectations of members in renewing their collective agreement. It is with the support of the membership that we are starting today this new round of negotiations. May this round be productive and respectful to all who participate in it in one way or another.

In solidarity, on behalf of the CS Group Bargaining Team!

Robert Tellier

CS Group Bargaining Officer

Bargaining Message from the CS Group President

We are set to embark on another round of contract negotiations. Preparations began within months of the signing of our previous collective agreement. The CS Group and the Institute devote nearly as much time in preparation as we do at the bargaining table. I tell you this to assure you that we are ready to bargain the best possible contract for the CS Group.

And bargain we will as we have.

The CS Group has bargained on behalf of its members for the past 50 years. We have made gains in many areas in that time. Competitive wages, shorter work weeks, more vacation leave and sick leave are just a few areas we fought for and have won well-deserved improvements.

Recently, we negotiated new language on the use of contractors that helps to safeguard our work. It recognizes that the work that we do belongs to the CS Group and its members. We also held strong to finally achieve language that, in the face of incessant technological change, ensures that our members receive training to enable them to continue to do their jobs.

We will engage in the same, sustained level of effort to press for further improvements that will allow our members to develop their careers, concretely challenge their performance appraisals and most importantly, be compensated equally and equitably with other workers within the federal government, the private sector and with contractors who take the jobs of our members.

We will stand firm in our resolve to bargain a fair and progressive collective agreement knowing we have the complete and unflagging support of the more than 14,000 members of the CS Group.

Stan Buday


CS Group