Bargaining Update

November 30, 2018

To All Proud CS Members,

Your CS Group Executive and Bargaining Team have been busy preparing for the upcoming round of Negotiations. In September the teams participated in Bargaining Training where through lessons, brainstorming and simulations they learned about the bargaining process as well as team building.

The survey results from the Dispute Resolution Mechanism Poll were received in late October. You provided a clear recommendation to your Executive that the CS Group remain on the Conciliation route should there be an impasse in bargaining. On November 5th, the Institute served Notice to Bargain and informed the Employer of the intention to continue to use the Conciliation/Strike dispute resolution route. The Executive and Bargaining team met in Ottawa on November 20 and 21 to continue to prepare the bargaining demands.

Pay became a two-step bargaining process in the last round of negotiations; a Basic Economic Increase, common to all Groups; and a Market Adjustment, that was negotiated at each individual group table.

The Basic Economic Increase will be negotiated at the PIPSC Central Bargaining Table, as well as Pay Rules, Family Day, and Harassment in workplace. Rob Scott is the CS representative on the Central Table along with other representatives from PIPSC Treasury Board Groups. The Group’s Market Adjustment, which depends upon many factors like recruitment and retention, will be part of the continuous discussion at the Group table during bargaining before being negotiated near the end of the round.

In December the Proposals Package will be finalized. The Exchange of Proposals will take place in January 2019 and bargaining dates have been set for February, April and May.

The CS Sub-Group Presidents will be the leaders in involving you, the members, in showing your support for your bargaining team. It is the strength of your support that provides the power in the negotiations. Thank you in advance for your continued involvement.

In Solidarity

Proudly CS,
Robert Tellier
CS Group Bargaining Officer