Hello CRPEG Members

Your negotiations team met with the company on Feb.14 & 15. We have tentative language for some issues and we continue to work through the issues using the IBN process. As part of a joint communication both sides have agreed to share our opening statement. This statement sets the framework and tone of this round of bargaining.

Opening Statement

The CRPEG and CNL bargaining teams began negotiations prior to the Dec 31, 2017 expiry of the current Collective Agreement.  We are returning to bargaining after an 18 month contract with the aim of building on the gains achieved in the last round of negotiations. 

We are committed to preserving and increasing the level of trust established in the last round of negotiations.  Building on this past success, we again commit to using an interest based process facilitated by Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services to renew our Collective Agreement.  We will continue to openly and honestly discuss our issues. As the negotiations unfold we will explore options for continuous bargaining through the term of the Collective Agreement.

CNL currently faces some significant challenges as the organization transforms into a world class national nuclear laboratory.  The Employee Survey shows signs of improvement within the organization; however employee confidence in leadership is still well below where it needs to be.  We recognize that further changes are anticipated over the coming years and that the continued business transformation will have an impact on the current round of negotiations. 

We have set the following goals by which we will measure our success:

  • We will renew our collective agreement without utilizing Government intervention in six months from expiry; and
  • We will resolve our day to day workplace disputes at the earliest opportunity in a fair and consistent manner; and
  • We will continue to improve our working relationship.