Bargaining Update #8


Hello CRPEG Members,

Another negotiations session has been set for July 20-22, 2021. In the meanwhile, your bargaining team is providing an update on two important issues: remote work and pensions.

Remote Work

The company has been working on remote working arrangements. CRPEG executive and bargaining team has requested official participation in the decision making process. The issue of remote work has been brought to the bargaining table and as such will be discussed there. Your bargaining team will use the results from the Remote Work & Return to Work survey to guide the discussions and formulate the proposals which will be presented to the Company during the negotiations. There are a number of your concerns that need to be addressed: fairness and equity of access to telework, support for employees working from home, ensuring that telework remains voluntary, etc. As you can see there is still a lot to be negotiated. We will be updating the membership, as usual, after the next bargaining session.

Pension Plan

The CERi is a defined contribution pension plan that was envisioned to be changed into a target benefit pension plan. Unfortunately, the federal legislation that would allow the change has not been enacted. Therefore, we have been investigating other pension plans in order to see if there is a possibility of a better pension. With the help of the Institute’s staff and other unions we are gathering information on potential plans. Once all of the information is consolidated we will be hosting a virtual town hall to share all of our findings. We foresee the town hall taking place sometime this summer and all documentation will be made available to members. For more information on how your current pension plan works, please visit; 

Thank you all for your continued support,

Your Bargaining Team.  

Jonathan Fitzpatrick

Noel Harrison

Curtis J. Russell

David H. Pilgrim

Clifford Dugal

Kourosh Khosravi

Bob Radenovic

Navdeep Dadhiala

PIPSC Negotiator: Denise Doherty

PIPSC Senior Research Officer: John Anderson